Here’s How You Can Make A Difference & Earn With Containers For Change

Make a difference with Containers for Change
The world needs trailblazers — are you up for the challenge?

Here’s How You Can Make A Difference & Earn With Containers For Change

The world needs trailblazers — are you up for the challenge?
Make a difference with Containers for Change
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The world needs trailblazers. Are you up for the challenge? Or are you still feeding the fill?

Climate action is an important topic now more than ever, and many West Aussies are keen to understand steps they can take to make a difference and improve their communities and environment. 

Containers for Change is leading the container redemption revolution in WA, offering 10¢ refunds for every accepted container returned by you, so that they can be recycled and turned into new products, again and again and again. 

The good news is that returning containers has never been easier. Save your containers at home, in your workplace, or at your local café, restaurant, or pub, and take them to a refund point near you. Four major shopping centres have also joined the Containers for Change revolution — Mirrabooka, Kingsway, Greenwood, and Whitfords — so you can return your containers when you do your shopping. 

On the go? No worries — simply drop them in one of the many Container Exchange points attached to public general waste bins. There are also more than 400 Containers for Change bins at Optus Stadium to make it as easy as possible to make a difference while at sporting games, concerts, and events at the Stadium.

Containers for Change bins at Optus Stadium

West Aussies are already doing a pretty stellar job at saving 10¢ containers from landfill (give yourself a pat on the back), but sadly, there is still a lot ending up in landfill — 530 million per year to put a number on it.

That’s $53 million in potential refunds lost to landfill.

So, here’s how you can help and become a container saver.

Help your 10¢ container live another life

Every 10¢ container has the potential to live another life, and you have the potential to make that happen by making sure they don’t end up in our oceans, parks, and landfill. 

Since starting out in 2020, West Aussies have saved 2.8 billion 10¢ containers from heading to landfill. That’s $280 million right back into our pockets and countless new lives for 10¢ containers — instead of harming the environment.

Here’s how to get involved in three quick steps:

1. Save your 10¢ containers

Containers for Change

It’s super easy to know which containers can be recycled by looking for the 10¢ mark. Most aluminium, glass, plastic, steel, and carton drink containers between 150ml and 3L can be saved. 

2. Drop them off

With hundreds of refund points across WA, there’s guaranteed to be one to suit you. 

Depending on how many 10¢ containers you’ve got and how you want to receive your refund, you can either walk in or drive through a Serviced Depot to get them counted and refunded on the spot, opt for a contact-free return at a Self-serve Depot or Kiosk, stop by a Drop & Go to get your refund straight to a bank account, or find a Pop-up Depot at events, markets or other busy locations.

Find a refund point near you

3. Earn your refund or donate it

You’ll get 10¢ back for every accepted container returned, which you can keep or donate to a charity, community group, or local club registered with Containers for Change. 

So far, $10.24 million has been donated to WA schools, charities, community groups, and local clubs.

A win-win for the environment and the community. 

So…will you be a change maker?

Get involved today. Don’t Feed The Fill

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