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Live Video Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse

Not since 1983 have we seen such an incredible celestial event unfold above Australia. Now we can watch it live.

Watch live video stream of the Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse from multiple space observatories across the world, including Australia, from NASA TV:

Above: You can see Live NASA TV coverage from telescopes placed across Earth, all eyes into the sky – to witness the January 31, 2018 Super Blue Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse – in real time.

Video Below: The Perth Observatory is also streaming the Total Lunar Eclipse live, for the team at Time and Date Online.

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The Perth team at Gingin are streaming directly from site, where thousands of Perthites have gathered to witness the extraordinary events.

The live video from Perth Observatory of the incredible Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse event.

More about the Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse from Perth Observatory

At the start of the eclipse the Moon will pass through Earth’s penumbra (Latin for “almost, nearly”) where the sunlight will start to be obscured by the Earth and the Moon will start to be covered be the Earth’s shadow. Once the Moon is completely covered by the Earth’s shadow it’ll turn a lovely copper colour.

The copper appearance of the Moon is due to Rayleigh Scattering where the blue part of the sunlight hitting the Earth’s atmosphere is scattered by the nitrogen molecules and the red and yellow part of the sunlight continues through the atmosphere and goes onto hit the Moon.

More details: Super Blue Moon Solar Eclipse

Super Blue Blood Moon : Perth Observatory Views.

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