A Guide To FRINGE WORLD’s Best Shows In 2024

FRINGE WORLD is back and better than ever, here's the inside scoop on what's hot!

A Guide To FRINGE WORLD’s Best Shows In 2024

FRINGE WORLD is back and better than ever, here's the inside scoop on what's hot!
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The lights are dazzling, the stage is set, and with it, a stellar lineup of local and interstate talent here to entertain you. The immensely popular, annual FRINGE WORLD festival is back, and from January 19 to February 18, you can sieve through their enormous program of more than 200 shows. Whether you’re a comedy fiend, circus enthusiast, or musical aficionado, their selection of local rising stars, out-of-town sensations, and global headliners are guaranteed to please.

If you’re down for a gaggle of giggles and a real good time, here’s our two cents on which fabulous shows are worth trading the pyjama pants for, and adding to your viewing list:

James Clark’s Comedy for Corporates: Work-life Balance is For Losers

Headed by self-proclaimed corporate sell-out and award-winning Sydney stand-up comedian, James Clark is bringing his hit show to Perth for the very first time as part of FRINGE WORLD. He’s fresh, funny, and relatable to anyone who’s ever donned a suit and lived the corporate life. Expect an exploration of the always-busy, work-centred lives of corporate professionals in Australia. We dare you!

Tickets: $25.00


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For a hedonistic dive into the lives of the ancient Gods of Olympus, a ticket to GODZ is a non-negotiable. With Cupid (the God of Love), Hercules (the God of Strength), and Dionysus (the God of Wine) in tow, the comedy acrobats from Head First will fuse storytelling, circus, and physical prowess to God-like proportions in the form of gravity-defying stunts, heroic strength, and cheeky slapstick comedy.

Tickets: $49.00

Messy Friends

Fresh off the bat of their successful Edinburgh Fringe Festival season, Messy Friends explores the vibrant world of drag and burlesque, in a fusion of colour and incredible costuming, paired perfectly with mesmerising visuals and captivating choreography.

Tickets: From $38.50

Rory Lowe – Crowd Work Special

After selling out consecutive Fringe shows over the past five years, and being nominated for Best Comedy and the Critics Choice awards in 2023, it’s safe to say Rory Lowe is a certified funny guy. Sporting his morish English accent, humble Instagram following of almost 96 thousand, and a treasure trove of equally weird and wonderful tales, this year, he’ll be switching it up with a brand new show, Crowd Work Special. For an improvised, on-the-spot masterclass of comedy, it’s a no-brainer.

Tickets: $30.00


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From the creators of the smash hit GODZ, Railed is a racy, western-themed circus spectacular combining the trademark physical talents, hilarious charisma, and superbly chiselled figures of the Head First Acrobats. You’ll laugh at the wet-yourself-funny hijinks and misadventures of four cheeky cowboys as they dip, flip, and fly across the stage with unbelievable balance, strength, and skill. Think high-energy antics and breathtaking acrobatics from a testosterone-fueled all-male cast. Yeehaw, cowboy.

Tickets: $45.00

Briefs: Dirty Laundry

With a flock of fans in tow, Briefs is back and better than ever. After a completely sold-out 2023, Brisbane’s award-winning cabaret mischief-makers, circus stars, and heart-stopping hooligans are ready to air their Dirty Laundry. For all things glitter, ballsy attitude, gob-smacking comedy, we can confirm this cycle is hot! 

Tickets: From $38.00

10,000 Ideas by Robyn Perkins

A night infused with the sizzling comedic genius of Sydney Fringe Comedy winner, Robyn Perkins is a night well spent. She’s a vivacious bundle of energy with a show about anything. Taking questions fired from the audience, she promises to tell the truth — but don’t worry, participation is optional! Her comedic work of art is woven from emotionally charged topics, paired with personal, relatable, and hilarious real-life anecdotes. She also uses her background in biology to answer life’s biggest questions, along with the more trivial ones.

Tickets: From $18.00


If you’re down for daring and partial to a little heart-pumping, adrenaline-rushing circus action, prepare for your mind to be blown. Enter award-winning dystopian, cyberpunk circus sensation, Barbaroi. Making its debut at this season’s Fringe edition, imagine chaotic, neon-lit side streets overrun by gangs and outcasts played by dauntless acrobats. It’s no surprise that the show took out the Best Circus title at Adelaide Fringe.

Tickets: From $45.00

FRINGE SHOW: All the Rage - Jessie Gordon and Mark Turner
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All the Rage: Jessie Gordon and Mark Turner

Buckle in for a session of jazz and toe-tapping tunes with best friend duo, Jessie and Mark who’ve been playing and writing music together for more than 20 years. It’s no wonder why everything they do sparkles — including their brand spanking new original jazz album, All The Rage. Have your song requests at the ready, because the talented musos will be playing setlist roulette with their oldies as well as the brand-new bangers. You could watch them for hours, and it would simply not be enough. 

Tickets: From $35.00