Grill The Marketer Xmas Vacation – Perth Marketers, You’ve Earned It

Grill The Marketer Xmas Vacation – Perth Marketers, You’ve Earned It

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It’s that time of year!

For some industries, there’s a wind down toward the end of the year. But with many businesses needing to make a huge chunk of their revenue in the next 2 months (and potentially catch up to the COVID slump) marketing is NOT one of them.

During precedented times it’s hectic enough. This year is next level.

Picture this:

It’s early November. You work in a marketing team (client-side or in-house, it doesn’t matter) and your 2020 marketing calendar went out the window sometime in March.

You have six end-of-year specific offers that need campaigns, plus free gift wrapping and gift voucher messaging (not to mention your regular activity) and you’re waiting on approval for creative, having to write copy for eDMs, social media posts and your Facebook Ad campaigns.

They all have a budget of “you tell us the least we need to spend to be successful” and were all meant to go live last week.

Sound familiar?

We see you Perth marketing fam!

Grill The Marketer Christmas Vacation was snuck onto the end of our 2020 calendar of events (client’s aren’t the only ones who can do that) off the back of the success of our October event, and the fact that we’ve quite frankly, earned a good campaign complain over champagne.

The Marketer – Clay Smith and Carma Levene (me) are going to share some campaign tips, answer any questions you might have about getting the most from your end of year activity, and then let you loose on each other to talk about the stuff that bores your friends.

The TL;DR Details

What: Live Marketing Q&A – no pitches, no upsells, no slideshows. Just your questions answered.

Who: Carma Levene & Clayton Smith, hosted by Melissa Bowen of ThinkBox Media.

Where: Henry Summer

When: 18th November, 5:30pm – 8:30pm

Tickets: Book Tickets Now

If we sell out, Clay is going to wear a Santa suit (he doesn’t know this yet, so keep it to yourself) and we’ve got some gifts and 4 sympathetic ears – plus Perth’s most fun marketers, both senior and emerging.

If this year was a week, we’ve got to Thursday – and the weekend is in sight. That alone is cause for drinks on a school night.

So join us and celebrate/commiserate, find a new marketing BFF, sanity check your campaign set-up and enjoy the vibe of Henry Summer.

Need more of an idea what The Marketer is about? You can check out our podcast.