Walking With Colour: The Captivating Art Exhibition You Need To See

art exhibition - walking with colour
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Walking With Colour: The Captivating Art Exhibition You Need To See

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Lie under the Northern Lights, swim with whales and watch the seasons change before your eyes.
art exhibition - walking with colour

Experience WA nature through the lens of award-winning cinematographer Michael Haluwana

Michael Haluwana’s Walking With Colour has taken on great success after its launch at The Western Australian Museum Boola Bardip, and you can now find it at the Maritime Museum for even more magical moments.

You’ll get to step into the breathtaking beauty of Western Australia in vibrant surroundings projected across prints and installations that capture some of our most incredible land and seascapes.

Walking With Colour: The Captivating Art Exhibition You Need To See

An immersive event

Having had the opportunity to experience the exhibition myself, I can’t recommend it enough.

It’s a truly unique and immersive look into some of our most beautiful scenes of nature, from the Kimberley to pink lakes and crashing coastal waves. The outside world certainly seems non-existent after a step inside, and the dreamy setting reflects Michael’s incredible work perfectly.

Here are a few of the features:

  • Above & Below Projections: Journey from day through to night while you sit back and take in a range of visual discoveries including the dazzling Northern Lights. 
  • Marine Projections: Plunge into the deep blue and feel as though you’re swimming alongside whales, crocs, and fish. 
  • Colour Screens: Watch the seasons change before your eyes across WA as you’re drawn into a rainbow of different places and times. 
  • Landscape Projections: Make your way through rugged ranges and blue coastlines with an installation combining breathtaking footage with projection mapping technology.
  • Behind The Scenes: Step behind the camera and see what it takes to capture incredible moments through aerial, landscape, night sky, and wildlife with the man himself.
Walking With Colour: The Captivating Art Exhibition You Need To See

The man behind it all: Michael Haluwana

For Michael, swimming with whale sharks and flying over salt lakes are all in a day’s work. 

He is the director of Perth-based company Aeroture and has been recognised for his work with National Geographic, BBC (Planet Earth II), and the man himself, Sir David Attenborough. So fair to say, he’s a pretty accomplished guy. 

His main focus over the last few years has been on capturing the amazing world around us, from nature and wildlife to the star and the skies, through a series of aerial and landscape photography and cinematography. 

Michael has a true passion for astronomy, space, and aviation, hence his keen interest in capturing aerials. His work allows him “to truly connect with the land and its creatures, its present, and its history.”

Website: Aeroture

Instagram: @aeroture_aus

Your chance to WIN

We’ve launched a special giveaway for your chance to get your hands on a 67x100cm signed fine art print (RRP $420), a personalised and signed Walking With Colour book (RRP $80) and a meet the artists private tour at the exhibition (priceless).

Get your entry in with seven chances below.

Walking With Colour Competition

Walking With Colour- Cinematic Nature by Michael Haluwana

  • Where: WA Maritime Museum, Victoria Quay, Peter Hughes Dr, Fremantle
  • When: Now – May 15th, 9:30 am – 5:30 pm
  • Event entry is FREE

Images: @aeroture_aus

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