Hard Perth lockdown to conclude at 6pm tonight as Western Australia has now gone 5 days without a local COVID-19 case being recorded.

Today Mr McGowan confirmed no new local cases of COVID-19 were recorded overnight and a total of nearly 50,000 tests have been conducted since Sunday.

The count down is now on for Perth, Peel and South West to come out of the 5-day lockdown.

From 6pm tonight the South West region will return to pre-lockdown conditions with all lockdown restrictions lifted.

Perth and Peel regions however will still have some restrictions put in place until February 14th at 12:01am.

Post-lockdown COVID-19 restrictions for Perth and the Peel region

Post-lockdown restrictions
Source: MarkMcGowanMP

Some of the restrictions in place in for the Perth and Peel region are as follow:

  • Wearing a mask when in public and while at work, unless exempt or for vigorous outdoor exercise
  • All businesses can reopen, except for the casino and nightclubs
  • 4 square metre capacity rule in place for businesses and venues, up to a maximum of 150
  • 150-person capacity at all events including weddings, funerals and community sport
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  • Seated service only at hospitality venues
  • Dancing only permitted at weddings and dance studios
  • 20-person limit for private indoor and outdoor gatherings
  • Visits to aged care and disability care facilities restricted to compassionate grounds
  • Residential school and boarding facilities can resume with a COVID Safety Plan
  • Only essential travel permitted in and out of the Perth and Peel regions to other parts of WA.

In regards to schools in Perth and Peel regions from Monday, masks are required to be worn by all school staff and secondary students. They are not required for primary school students.

Playgrounds will also be reopen, however, as mentioned above adults will be required to wear a mask while outside.

How long will these post-lockdown restrictions last?

Mr McGowan is expecting that if Western Australia’s continues to see encouraging and favourable results, Perth and the Peel region will go back to life as it was pre-lockdown.

Though Mr McGowan was quick to mention that things could chage.

“As always, we’ll continue to monitor the situation closely, and if we need to make any changes, we will.”

The temporary post-lockdown restrictions will be imposed on the Perth and Peel regions until 12.01am on Sunday, February 14.

Pre-lockdown requirements for the entire State still remain in place, and include:

  • Mandatory contact registers for most WA businesses and venues;
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  • Capacity restrictions for major venues;
  • Restrictions on travel to remote Aboriginal communities; and
  • WA’s controlled interstate border arrangements

Watch: Premier Mark McGowan and Health Minister Roger Cook with an update on the status of WA’s COVID-19 lockdown.

International travel cap to stay until end of February

Due to the hotel quarantine breach, Mr McGowan requested the international travel cap which was to increase on February 15th be extented.

“As an extra precaution the Prime Minister has agreed to extend the 500 person per week cap, until the end of February.

“This will give us that extra time to ensure our hotel quarantine systems are as strong as they can be,” said Mr McGowan.

Feature image: AAP Image/POOL, Tony McDonough

For further details visit wa.gov.au.

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