Broome Has Recorded Traces Of COVID-19 In Wastewater

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Broome Has Recorded Traces Of COVID-19 In Wastewater

North West caught in COVID-19 scare.
things to do in broome

North West caught in COVID-19 scare.

Broome has recorded traces of COVID-19 in wastewater, tested from July 28.

It’s prompted authorities to urge anyone in the region with even very mild symptoms to get tested immediately.

WA Health said the positive test was “unexpected”.

In a statement released on Friday, authorities said it didn’t necessarily mean there were positive COVID cases in the community.

“Finding traces of the virus in wastewater samples could mean there are active cases nearby; an active case has passed through the area recently; or that a historical case has recently been in the area,” a WA Health statement said.

The Kimberley last year experienced the worst outbreak of any region in WA, with 20 cases reported in total and fears the virus would leak into indigenous communities.

Premier Mark McGowan said it was more likely that someone was “shedding the virus” than presently infectious in the community.

“The health advice is that it’s most likely to be from someone shedding the virus or isolating, rather than an infectious person in the community,” Mr McGowan said.

“That’s why the Department of Health is calling on anyone experiencing symptoms to please go and get tested immediately.

“We don’t want to take any chances.”

It comes as three States – NSW, Victoria and Queensland – all face lockdowns.

NSW recorded more than 290 cases on Friday, with Premier Gladys Berejiklian said she wasn’t sure if it was realistic that the State would get its cases down to zero.

“We now have to live with Delta one way or another, that’s pretty obvious,” she said.

But Mr McGowan said, “we cannot accept that position”.

“We don’t live with it, we don’t tolerate it, we don’t let it linger,” he said.

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