Scott Morrison says Australia needs to look after Australia as Job Keeper package passes

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The Job Keeper package passes parliament, with the $130 billion package the biggest in Australia’s history

The mammoth relief package took just one day to pass, getting through the House of Representatives this afternoon with no amendments, despite Labor’s best efforts.

Concerns for the 1.1 million casuals who have not worked for an employer for more than 12 months remain, as do questions about migrant workers who are illegible for no Government support and are not able to return home with many countries in lockdown.

The Government’s message to migrant workers and international students remained the same throughout the day – if they can’t work or have no savings to support themselves they needed to find a way home.

Scott Morrison spoke about Australia maintaining its “sovereignty” not only through the virus, but afterwards, in the wake of concerns about the nation’s manufacturing capabilities of essential supplies and exporting priorities of those supplies.

“That sovereignty is measured in the freedom to live as we choose, in Australia’s free, open and democratic society, enabled through a vibrant market economy,” he said.

“We will never surrender this.”

Anthony Albanese said the Bill would “saddle a generation”, despite his concerns on those who would miss out.

But the passing of the package was still greeted with celebration from both sides, as a moment of historic importance.

The Bill passed the Senate after 10pm in Canberra, officially being legislated into Australian law.

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