Star Sign Cocktails at Harbourside Freo

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Which cocktail matches your star sign? It’s time to find out at Harbourside Freo.

Can’t decide from the endless list of cocktails every time you go out? Let your star sign do it for you.

Astrology lovers will be well aware that every sign has their own unique traits and personalities, and Harbourside Freo has made it their mission to make a brand new range of cocktails curated perfectly to match your sign. If you’ve ever wondered what drink your horoscope would choose for you now is your chance to find out.

Each cocktail will be exclusively available only for the time period of the current star sign and on the menu for $20. But the best part? Head in on your birthday and you’ll get it for free.

The following zodiac cocktails are soon to be released:

Gemini (20th May – 21st June)

Star Sign Cocktails at Harbourside Freo

Two-Tone: Cognac, Amaro, Peychauds Bitters and Lemonade.

The infamous Gemini- you never know which personality you’re going to face with them. Gemini’s are fun-loving and sociable with a tendency to suddenly get very serious or restless. They are usually excellent artists and often inspire everyone around them.

Appropriately named this contrasting cocktail creation reflects the charismatic personality of the expressive and inquisitive air sign packed full of bitter-sweet flavours that work together for a delicious treat.

Cancer (June 21st – July 22nd)

Star Sign Cocktails at Harbourside Freo

Pink and Sweet: Vanilla Vodka, Cointreau, Passoa, Cranberry and Lime

Cancer’s are a sensitive and emotional water sign guided by emotion and heart that seek comfort and love. They care deeply for those closest to them and have the ability to empathise with others pain and suffering.

The Pink And Sweet combines warm and comforting flavours to create a cocktail that soothes all those sensitivities and tastes great at the same time.

Leo (July 22nd – August 22nd)

Star Sign Cocktails at Harbourside Freo

Mezcal Negroni: Mezcal, Campari and Vermouth.

The king of the jungle- Leo’s are natural born leaders. You’ll never meet a Leo who isn’t totally self-confident, warmhearted and full of life and love. This fire sign is the centre of attention and used to being admired and adored.

The Mezcal Negroni exudes warmth and creativity with the flavour of a classic Negroni twisted with hints of Mezcal, a fitting drink for the firey power of the Leo.

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for even more zodiac cocktails being released in the coming months.

Location: 42 Mews Road, Fremantle

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