It’s no secret that Perth, like most of Australia, is feeling the effects of a changing climate.

Knowing this and considering how important water is to our unique WA lifestyle, A bunch of local Perth musicians have come together to create a song that helps us all do our bit to save water.

Not since 1988 have we had a reason to sing in the shower until now… you all remember the song.

Fast forward to 2018 some 30 years later and we will be singing in the shower for a completely different reason.

Kav Temperley from Eskimo Joe has enlisted some of WA’s top local artists to bring us a new shower song. These artists have come together to communicate to WA how important – and easy – it is to keep your showers waterwise.

Almost one-quarter of Perth’s household water is used in the shower, so being able to cut down shower times by just 2 minutes can result in up to a 30% water saving in shower use.

Helping our environment and of course helping your wallet.

Simply pop The Shower Song on at the start of your shower, sing along, and make sure you’re out before it’s finished.

Watch Behind the Scenes of The Shower Song

See how The Shower Song came together with a sneak peek behind the scenes.

Meet The Local Artists

Abbe May

Soul-gospel-electro-blues artist, Abbe May, is one of Australia’s most respected songwriters and performers.

I’m passionate about the environment. I’m passionate about making sure that we have enough water for future generations. It’s just a good way to make sure that your shower is only 4 minutes long so that you too can preserve water. – Abbe May

Timothy Nelson

Diverse, enigmatic, dynamic and refreshingly rebellious, Nelson explores topics of personal growth with heavy introspection in his solo work.

Grace Barbe

Seychelled islander Grace Barbe’s soulful music reflects and celebrates the diverse cultural influences of her Indian Ocean heritage.

Ali Flintoff

Ali is no stranger to the Perth music scene – with vocals that take centre stage – she leads bands Boat Show and Dream Rimmy.

Kiera Owen

Frontwoman of local indie rock band Rag N’ Bone, Kiera’s gutsy vocal delivery becomes the centre of attention whenever it’s heard.

The whole concept is that you can listen to the duration of the song and be done with your shower at the end and know that you just contributed to saving a bit of water.

Vin Buchanan

The lead vocalist of Hideous Sun Demon, Vin has a dynamic song-writing ability and an adrenaline-fuelled voice.

John Bennett

Singing of country and connection to community, John has established a name as the “voice of the Kimberley”.

Jacob Diamond

After years in Perth’s songwriting underground, Diamond has recently emerged as one of the foremost singer-songwriters in the West.

Elli Schoen

With a powerhouse husky voice, Elli Schoen is one of the most promising young acts to emerge from Fremantle’s rich music scene.

Rick Steele

Rick Steele is characterised by a pair of handcrafted boots, tinted Lennon-esque glasses, a trademark voice, and a grand canyon repertoire.

Lucy Peach

Lucy Peach is a stadium-folk singer from Fremantle, known for her honest and heart-warming song-writing.

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