Perth's Best Kiteboarding Locations

Perth is a world class kiteboarding destination with several prime locations.

Perth's Best Kiteboarding Locations

Perth is a world class kiteboarding destination with several prime locations.
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Perth is a world class kiteboarding destination with several prime locations.

With consistent wind, untouched natural beauty and a relaxed, friendly vibe, Perth is a world class kiteboarding destination. Throughout summer, in particular between the months of October and April, south-west Western Australia receives a strong sea breeze every afternoon. This wind, which reaches well over 20 knots in speed, is known by locals as “The Doctor”, and is the reason why wind sports are a massive deal to Western Australians.

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This is probably why peak body Kiteboarding Australia estimates that during summer in Australia over 10,000 people attend a kiting lesson. Kiteboarding WA has just kicked off the season in Western Australia during their annual event in Perth, held at Leighton’s Beach on Sunday 30th October.

Dotted all along the Western Australian coastline, and even in the Perth metropolitan area, exists a smorgasbord of perfect kiting locations. From flat water lagoons to cranking waves, there are options to cater for all levels of experience.

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Perth’s best kiteboarding locations:

Swan River, Perth

There are kiteboarding locations to be found right in the heart of Perth city. Two of the most popular spots are Melville Waters, which is just 15 minutes’ drive from the CBD, and Point Walter, only 25 minutes from the city.

Melville Waters is the ideal learner spot, because of its favourable wind direction in summer and shallow clear water. Many of the Perth based kiteboarding schools, like Soul Kite and Seabreeze Kitesurf School run lessons at this spot.

Point Walter is an extremely picturesque location, and is suitable for kiteboarders with an intermediate level of experience. Suited to an east and northerly wind direction, the launch sport at Point Walter is located on a small sand bar, right beside one of the main shipping channels on the Swan River. The scenery at spot is stunning, given its close proximity to a bird sanctuary and 360 degree views of the river.

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Perth beaches

Dotted along practically the whole length of the Western Australian coastline is an array of outstanding and varied kiteboarding spots. From protected lagoons, to overhead reef breaks, the WA coast has it all.

Those closest to Perth; Leighton, Cottesloe and City Beaches, all face an ideal direction to take advantage of the prevailing wind direction each afternoon, in the summer months. Combine that with the pristine beauty of the coastline and excellent water clarity and you end up being spoilt for choice between kiting options.

Leighton beach is the perfect introduction to waves and kiting in the ocean, as there is not much exposure to swell, given it is hidden in behind Rottnest Island. The further north you travel up the coast and the more exposed the beaches become, allowing more surf and larger waves to reach the coast.

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Safety Bay

Safety Bay has a wide range of kiteboarding options in itself. From sheltered flat water spots hidden behind sand bars to expansive ocean areas, all with ideal and consistent wind conditions.

The beaches of Shoalwater Bay have plenty of ocean options, all of which are totally sheltered from swell, by the islands of Shoalwater Bay Island Nature Reserve. A place of immense beauty, and penguins!

Probably the most widely known of these beaches is a place known to locals as Pengo’s (taken from the fact that it sits beside Penguin Island). Pengo’s is an ideal spot for learners, due to its vast openness and perfect beach orientation. This spot is ideal for those still learning to ride upwind, and doing the “walk of shame”.

Just around the corner from Pengo’s is the world famous location called The Pond. During the peak of summer, between November and February, an international migration occurs to this spot from professional kiters from all over the world. If you want to view the cream of the crop, doing what they do best, this is a great spectators spot.

Caution needs to be taken when riding at The Pond and this spot is for experienced kiters only, as it can get very crowded. Like any good surf break, the locals demand respect.

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Getting further out of the city now, and 2 hours north of Perth, is another gem in the crown of Kiteboarding in WA, Lancelin.

This location is very well known for its wide variety of different options, from flat water coastal sand bars to pumping reef breaks. Lancelin has some of the most consistent winds in WA and the world, with speeds of up to 20 knots or more blowing every afternoon, for five months straight!

Lancelin also plays host to the Lancelin Ocean Classic; an annual three-day festival held in mid-January, which in 2019 will feature; kitesurfing, windsurfing, running, SUP, jet ski and dragon boats.

So if you’ve always watched kitesurfers and wondered what it would feel like to fly across the surface of the water, or you’re a keen kiter looking for the ultimate road trip, then Perth and WA is definitely for you.

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