Looking for a new brunch option? We have the best Brunch spots South of Perth.

There are so many reasons to love brunch. And really how could you not love it since it gives you the best of both worlds: sleeping in and still able to order eggs when you wake.

11 of the Best Brunch Spots South of Perth
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These days we are so spoiled for choice it’s almost impossible to choose where to get your brunch on. So we’ve put together a list of our top picks for the Perth Southies, and those willing to drive for guaranteed deliciousness.

Brunch weekend plans – sorted.

Good Things Cafe

11 of the Best Brunch Spots South of Perth
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The name says it all, and what better note to start our list on than Good Things.

Hidden in the burbs of Mosman Park, the café features a simple and aesthetically pleasing interior that has a playful nod on the wall in the form of blue hairy arms spelling out ‘It’s all good’ with their fingers and hands. It’s not wrong: things here do live up to their name. From the bright natural light streaming in, to some of the prettiest pancakes about town, or the chilli scrambled eggs with sticky pork belly (yup, you read that right), this place is worth the drive.

May Street Larder

11 of the Best Brunch Spots South of Perth
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If you haven’t been to May Street Larder yet, no doubt you’ve probably stumbled across photos of the East Fremantle venue’s soul sandwich: a polenta waffle with buttermilk fried chicken, avocado, smoked sour cream, jalapenos and chilli maple syrup. This is a dish that has launched what feels like thousands of Instagram snaps and if we’re being completely honest, the hype is so justified. Their all-day menu has a modern approach to balanced living, so if you need to skew away from the fried chicken, you can opt for the coconut and turmeric bircher muesli, their probiotic bowl with fermented seasonal veggies or the roasted mushroom bruschetta with walnut pesto. If you’re heading in, make sure you check out their selection of fermented, pickled, cured and preserved items for sale which are all made in-house, and are the perfect present for friends, family or yourself.

The Tribute Coffee and Kitchen

11 of the Best Brunch Spots South of Perth
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The menu at The Tribute Café in Shelley is extensive, but it packs a punch.

With a focus on seasonality, their current dishes include a vanilla-spiced chia and coconut pudding with stone fruit as a nod to Autumn, Belgium waffles with mascarpone, pistachio crumb and torched fig, and lamb kofta served on pearl barley with sweet potato hummus. There are also some tried and true brekkie dishes like eggs benedict, which you can have accompanied by nitrate-free bacon, salmon or spinach. Or smashed avo which you can order as a normal sized portion, or a half for those who want something a bit lighter – or something they can guarantee they’ll have room for dessert after. And for the coffee or tea fans out there, The Tribute offers a discount when you use your keep cup (hell yes)

Laika Coffee

11 of the Best Brunch Spots South of Perth
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Lathlain might not be your go-to suburb for brunch, but with the new addition of Laika Coffee to their hood, they are pumping out some seriously good dishes.

With an in-house coffee roastery that has a focus on single blends, as soon as you enter you can breathe in the heady coffee aromas. Opening at 6am every day, with the kitchen closing at 2pm, the café’s food options span from the familiar (think rye with prosciutto, mozzarella, truss tomatoes, basil, pesto and paprika oil) to the daring (brunch pasta with smoked bacon, spinach, broccolini and more). There’s a strong focus on vegetarian offerings, but meat lovers won’t feel out of place either.


Hampton and Maley

11 of the Best Brunch Spots South of Perth
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It’s slightly off the Vic Park beaten track, but newcomer Hampton and Maley has opened with more fanfare than most cafes tend to attract.

It’s no wonder considering it’s the brainchild of Hadleigh and Carolynne Troy, formerly of Perth’s most iconic and revered fine diner, Restaurant Amuse. When the East Perth powerhouse closed its doors last year it broke many foodie hearts, but soon enough whispers emerged that a new cafe was coming – and so we waited. With baited breath, yes, but eventually the time came. And it was definitely worth the wait. It’s far removed from fine dining, but still echoes a strong steady dedication to seasonal, local produce that is handled in a respectful manner that showcases just how great Western Australian ingredients are. Try the soft eggs with mushroom and coriander seed butter, ricotta and crispy chicken skins on toast, the blue swimmer crab omelette or the white anchovies with jamon, fried egg, capsicum and manchego on toast. This is a foodie’s version of heaven done in a simple but so beautifully constructed manner.


11 of the Best Brunch Spots South of Perth
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You may have never thought of travelling to Harrisdale for food, but this local café has a welcoming feel to it from the moment you enter – and then you take note of the dishes getting pumped out by Timber Café’s kitchen. If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t subscribe to only eating eggs for your first meal of the day, you’ll be pleased to note that you can indulge in a reuben sandwich or crispy fish tacos if you so fancy, or feel nourished with a lemongrass chicken salad. Like all good brunch venues in Australia, there’s obviously smashed avo on the menu but theirs comes with pepitas, cherry tomatoes, balsamic, matcha salt and lime – with the option to add bacon or chorizo too. Who needs a house deposit when you can be eating delicious things like this? But don’t worry, if that statement enrages you too much – they also do a half serving of the smashed avocado, which we love seeing pop up on menus about Perth.

Fika on Brix

11 of the Best Brunch Spots South of Perth
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Situated next to Mills Park in Beckenham, Fika on Brix boasts a beautiful Scandinavian aesthetic and a name that is a Swedish cultural concept basically meaning ‘to have coffee’.

Dining here is akin to relaxing, as you take in the chilled atmosphere and open space directly outside. Their most grammable dish is definitely the brioche French toast, which is accompanied by black sesame custard, fresh strawberries, lemon curd and house-made granola nut crumble. But if sweet isn’t your jam first thing in your day, then get down with the chicken katsu bao, the ricotta and buttermilk corn cakes with smashed avo, or the bulgogi beef hash which has a little kick of heat for the chilli fiends out there. There’s a definite Asian feel to some of the dishes, and that makes what they’re doing here even more exciting and different to other brunch joints.

Ari & Esmay

11 of the Best Brunch Spots South of Perth
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It might be on a very well known street in Fremantle, but Ari & Esmay is a bit of a dark horse when it comes to brunch.

First things first, these guys are making their own crumpets (insert fist pump here) and you can get the sweet with roasted poached pears, maple bacon crumb, toasted pecans and whipped mascarpone, or savoury with feta, poached eggs, chilli baked beans and sausage. Also on the sweeter side of things is their pannacotta, which is coconut and strawberry flavoured, and accompanied by house made granola plus a strawberry, rhubarb and ginger compote. If you’re looking for a catering joint, these guys have you covered – which gives you even more incentive to visit the café to try their wares. Your stomach will thank you over and over again.

Duck Duck Bruce

11 of the Best Brunch Spots South of Perth
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When you want to learn about Duck Duck Bruce in Fremantle, you’ll be easily sold just by visiting their Instagram

which describes them as ‘Filling your faces with awesome 7 days a week. We are: Happiest when eating. Lovers of dogs. Tellers of bad jokes. Drinkers of great coffee.’ The menu items all have playful names which include ‘Nice Pear’: pear and ginger bircher with blackberry compote, ‘It’s not easy being green’: smashed avo with minted peas, pomegranate, feta, preserved lemon and sumac salt; and ‘Auber Jean is not my lover’: crispy fennel potato straws, spinach, goan eggplant pickle, roti, coconut sambal, eggs and raita. It’s clear these guys don’t take themselves too seriously, but rather put their love and spirit into the dishes they’re slinging out.

Frisch and Barc

11 of the Best Brunch Spots South of Perth

Any place game enough to put a Singapore chilli crab omelette or green eggs and ham on the menu, is our kind of place.

Yes, Frisch and Barc is not your run of the mill brunch joint and that just makes them all the more interesting. With a dedication to food, coffee and community, this Como hot spot brings a strong game when it comes to coffee, but there’s also their delightful hot chocolates or mochas which come with a torched marshmallow on a stick – perfect for dunking and indulging. They’re just the thing to accompany the unique dishes available, which include the aforementioned as well as a jerk chicken hash, a wagyu breakfast burger, and smoked cod with baked egg. If you haven’t been here yet, you probably want to remedy that pretty fast.

Vans Cafe

11 of the Best Brunch Spots South of Perth
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They’ve been on a 25 year journey, transforming from a deli to the bustling bistro we now know as Vans Café.

It’s a family owned venue, located in Cottesloe only a hop, skip and a jump away from the seaside. With a menu that evolves and changes with the seasons, here you’ll find tasty treats like son in law egg (with chilli jam, fresh herbs and prik nam pla), smashed green pea, mint and ricotta, pulled pork chimichanga or southern style jalapeno and cheese cornbread. Vans is an institution, and though it’s not south of the river, it is south of Perth, making it a must include for this brunch list.

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