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Most kids grow out of asking ‘but why’, Glennys didn’t. So she trained as a psychologist and established The Customers’ Voice, consumer psychology consultancy in 2000, where she researches why we do what we do. After losing her partner in 2005 she understood the importance of making the most out of life, and began The Ponder Room blog, to help people do just that. By ‘having a go’ she now has a monthly column in a magazine, three non-fiction books published, been nominated for a Telstra Business Women’s Award, and profiled by US internet guru Seth Godin in a worldwide competition about people making a difference. She firmly believes in living a positive life and following your passion.

Movie Review: Days Of Bagnold Summer

You may have already seen this movie as it’s been in a few festivals, but if you haven’t please make sure you keep an eye out for it. Days Of Bagnold Summery is a real treat.

Movie Review: Minari

I’d heard that a new Korean movie Minari was a heartfelt film not to be missed. After the delight of another Korean movie Parasite, I was in.

Movie Review: The Food Club

Danish movie, The Food Club is a gentle movie about life-long friendships, food and wonderful Italian scenery. A perfect antidote to a five day Covid lockdown.

Movie Review: High Ground

On the eve of Australia Day I went to see the latest Australian movie High Ground. It turned out to be perfect timing for this powerfully, unique, visually stunning movie, that cleverly tells an Australian story from two sides.

Review: Bonkers hypnosis Matt Hale at Fringe World 2021

Okay I’ll say it. This week I lost my virginity to Matt Hale … I mean my hypnosis show virginity at his Bonkers Fringe World show. What a hoot.

Fringe World: 9 Tips The Laugh Resort Comedy Club

The other night I dropped into The Laugh Resort Comedy Club at The Shoe Bar for a preview of what’s coming up at Fringe World. The Club will boast 60 comedians performing 20 shows, including a dozen “World First” shows and five…

Movie Review: Only The Animals

If you like your mysteries served with a lot of snow, several cows, insights into an invasive social issue and a touch of Fargo this is for you

Movie Review: Music

A lot has been written about this movie before it has even come out which also means, in some cases before it’s even been seen. I always try to remain objective before seeing the movie, so I never read other…

Movie Review: The Dry

The Dry movie is one of those movies where you can’t say too much or you’ll give away the ending. What I can say though is it’s a great Aussie crime, mystery movie well worth seeking out. I really hope you…

Movie Review: A Call To Spy

Imagine the whole world being at war and you, an ordinary citizen, being called on to spy. What would you do? Now imagine it’s 1944 and you’re female. A Call To Spy explores this very premise. However what makes it even more…