Glennys Marsdon

Glennys Marsdon
Most kids grow out of asking ‘but why’, Glennys didn’t. So she trained as a psychologist and established The Customers’ Voice, consumer psychology consultancy in 2000, where she researches why we do what we do. After losing her partner in 2005 she understood the importance of making the most out of life, and began The Ponder Room blog, to help people do just that. By ‘having a go’ she now has a monthly column in a magazine, three non-fiction books published, been nominated for a Telstra Business Women’s Award, and profiled by US internet guru Seth Godin in a worldwide competition about people making a difference. She firmly believes in living a positive life and following your passion.

The Rise of Sneaker Culture at Art Gallery WA

After popular showings in Toronto, Brooklyn and Atlanta, the international exhibition The Rise of Sneaker Culture heads to AGWA for its only Australian presentation.
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Review of Australian Movie Bad Girl

Review of locally filmed movie Bad Girl staring Sara West and Samara Weaving.

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In a weekend that included the Arcadia spider spectacular you’d think going to see a movie, a documentary what's more, wouldn’t have much chance...

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