International Space Station Perth

Space Nerd Alert: Very Bright Pass of International Space Station over Perth Tonight

A very bright International Space Station will pass over Perth and South-West Western Australia tonight just after 6pm.

If you look up and the sky is clear as forecast, Perth’s 2 million inhabitants will be able to view the ISS for around 6-minutes, as it passes from north-west to south-est.

If you look up around 6.04pm you’ll see it appear to the north-west of the city, as it travels over the Indian Ocean.

By 6.07pm the ISS will be directly over Perth city, with a -3.2 magnitude brightness, meaning the Space Station will be quite clearly visible.

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The ISS has been circling our planet for nearly 20-years, but rarely does it pass right over the city at such a convenient time for us.

We were alerted to the Passover by Space enthusiast Ingnazio Magnani, who is often confused by media as an actual ISS astronaut.

When, where and what are we looking at?

Look up at 6.04pm (maybe go outside a few minutes earlier to adjust your eyes)

Look about 10 degrees above the horizon to the north-west, it’ll appear to be moving at speed toward Perth, flying over about 50km to the north-east of the Perth CBD at 6.07pm, at 75 degrees above the horizon.

The Passover should be visible right up to 6.10pm as the ISS moves to the SE.

Live Video: ISS over the Earth – HD Video Viewing Experiment

Perth from Space

International Space Station Perth

What Perth looks like from the ISS while it passes over Perth. Photo from NASA taken by Astronauts in the ISS.
Western Australia as seen from Space

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