10 Fun Perth Summer Cocktails To Sip On In The Sun

Perth summer cocktails
Keeping you cool & fresh this summer.

10 Fun Perth Summer Cocktails To Sip On In The Sun

Keeping you cool & fresh this summer.
Perth summer cocktails
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It wouldn’t be a Perth summer without the help of a cocktail or two along the way…

Summertime is cocktail time – there’s no denying it and we just happen to have a list of Perth’s best summer cocktails for you to get through. 

As the weather fines up, the cocktail menus across Perth are evolving. A whole new range of delicious, seasonal drinks are popping up across the city, ready for you to try. Whether you prefer your cocktails super sized, tall, or frozen, we’ve rounded up 10 of the coolest cocktails in Perth, to sip on in the heat.

Giant cocktails 

Reveley Summer Cocktails

Some say that “you can never have too much of a good thing”. If the giant cocktails at The Reveley are anything to go by, we’d say that they’re right. These huge cocktails might look like they’re made for sharing, but nothing good ever came from judging a book by it’s cover. 

There are 3 fun cocktails available in this super-sized, Instagram-ready glass. There’s a classic mo’jito (you can add some optional strawberry or passionfruit if you like), a summery white wine, moscato, and prosecco sangria, and a tropical ‘colada punch’. 

Leaf & Flower

Stables Summer Cocktail

Made with lavender gin, butterfly pea tea, lemon, honey, and sage, the ‘Leaf & Flower’ cocktail at The Stables sounds like something straight out of a fairy garden – and it looks it too. Purple in colour, and garnished with a wee little flower, the Leaf & Flower is almost too pretty to drink.

Sorbet is Bae

This summer, in collaboration with Chicho Gelato, The Flour Factory are bringing you ‘Sorbet is Bae’. It’s as simple (and delicious) as some artisanal grapefruit and strawberry sorbet, topped with some sparkling Chandon rosé. A rosé and sorbet cocktail? It couldn’t be more ‘summer’ if it tried.


They may be a whisky bar, but Goody Twos is slinging more than just warming, whisky based cocktails this summer. Take their highballs, for example. Trade out the more traditional whisky, and sip on something a little lighter like the ‘Ichiban’ – made with Jinzu gin, yuzu, cherry blossom, and tonic – or a vodka, sake, lemon, and elderflower concoction called ‘Goodness Sake’.

Also, you might want to get around $5 espresso martini’s at Goody Twos.

Frozen G&T

The Peach Pit - Perth's Ultimate Summer Cocktail

Perhaps the most summer of Perth summer cocktails.

Just when you think there’s no possible way G&T could get any better, The Peach Pit go ahead and turn it into a super tasty, super adult slushie.

Believe it or not, this moreish icy treat is nothing more than a simple combo of watermelon, elderflower, and gin.

It makes the perfect pairing with one of The Peach Pit’s legendary burgers.

Arabian Par-tea

The novel-tea of a cocktail in a teapot will never get old; especially not when Hadiqa is dishing them up in pots as unique as these.

Served in a silver teapot, the ‘Arabian Par-Tea’ combines gin, Giffard Rose, lemon, Crème de Violet, sweet smoke, soda, and mint, for a fresh take on Middle Eastern flavours.

They’re made to share, so bring a friend or significant other, and enjoy a sophisticated tipple on Hadiqa’s rooftop space.

Coconut Colada 

If you can’t be laying on the beach on some faraway tropical island, sipping on a fresh coconut or pina colada, Sweetwater’s ‘Coconut Colada’ is for sure your next best option.

Served in a young coconut, this cocktail is a delicious blend of fresh coconut water, white rum, coconut rum, pineapple juice, and lime.

It just so happens to be super Instagram friendly too.

The Aviary Signature

The Aviary - Perth Summer Cocktail

Gin and summer go together like coffee and cake.

If you’re chasing down the city’s best gin based cocktails, the ‘Aviary Signature’ at The Aviary should definitely be on your hitlist.

A mouthwatering blend of gin, elderflower, cloudy apple, honey, lemon, mint, and cucumber, it’s the perfect cocktail to enjoy rooftop.

Hansel & Gretel

‘Hansel & Gretel’ is the stuff of fairytales.

Served up by the team at Wolf Lane, this cocktail is made with a combination of vodka, Licor 43, fresh lime, apple, and a splash of berry liqueur.

The best part? It’s garnished with sweet treats, straight from the witch’s cottage.

The Big Sipper Punch Bowl

Scarborough Beach Bar - Big Sipper Punch Bowl - Summer Cocktail

Last, but not least on the Perth summer cocktail countdown is a summery punch.

A sundowner by the beach isn’t complete without a big bowl of pink punch. At least, we don’t think it is.

If you’re into gin, rosé, and strawberries, then Scarborough Beach Bar’s answer to pink punch will be right up your alley.

Grab a few friends, head down to the coast, order yourself ‘The Big Sipper’, and make an afternoon of it.

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