Movie Review: Sundown

Movie Review: Sundown


Any movie with Tim Roth in the lead is one worth looking at, especially if his name is accompanied with the words psychological mystery. That’s what bought me to the screen for Sundown. Well wouldn’t you?

Movie Review: Sundown

Sundown tells the story of wealthy family, Neil (Tim Roth) and Alice Bennett (Charlotte Gainsbourg) plus their two children Alexa (Albertine Kotting McMillan) and Colin (Samuel Bottomley). We meet them sunny themselves around a private pool in Mexico. Said pool happens to be in the luxury hotel they’re holidaying in. They’re the picture perfect rich family.

When Alice receives a phone call and the family has to return home immediately things start to unravel.

At the airport as they’re about to buy tickets Neil can’t find his passport. He must have left it at the hotel. He vows to retrieve it and take the next flight home. But that doesn’t happen.

Sundance the movie takes on the slow pace of Mexican life. The pace has you relaxing into the story with a sense of foreboding as you try to work out what’s happening. Tim Roth remains a fascinating actor. Just go along for the ride don’t be in a rush to work it out.

Rating 6/10

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