Scott Morrison COVID-19 Update

Federal Government Backs 3 More COVID-19 Vaccine Trials

Scott Morrison COVID-19 Update

Scott Morrison delivers another $6 million in funding for Australian COVID-19 vaccines.

The Morrison Government has already given $1.7 billion in financial backing for two very promising trials.

One – the Astra Zeneca/Oxford University trial, which has come back online after being paused following one of the candidates falling ill.

Two – The CSL / University of Queensland trial, which on top of being part of the $1.7 billion plan, has received $5 million in Government funding this year.

But despite this, the Government is continuing to fund other promising trials within Australia in a bit of a “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” approach to finding a vaccine.


The three new trials are all Australian

Two are being done by the University of Melbourne, both of which hinge on the use of a “protein” in the body that would trigger an immune response to COVID-19.

One of the two vaccines actually injects that protein into the body, to maximise the immune response.

The other “represents a genetic sequence” that would support the human body to make the protein itself.

The third vaccine is being done through the University of Sydney, and in good news for all the needle-phobes out there, it doesn’t require an injection!

Instead, it uses a “DNA-based COVID-19 vaccine” that doesn’t need a needle to be introduced to the body.


Each university will get $3 million for their trials.

Health Minister Greg Hunt said the three new vaccines could be distributed worldwide if they prove effective.

“Subject to further work, the resulting vaccines could eventually be deployed in Australia and around the world,” he said.

“Our Government continues to invest in medical research to supercharge the development of promising vaccines to save lives and protect lives.”

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