If you’ve heard the real life story of street cat Bob or seen the movie made about his life, you’ll want to see his follow up movie, A Gift From Bob. Set around Christmas it’s a heart warming reminder of the importance of community and purpose.

Movie Review: A Gift From Bob

Maybe like me you first met Bob through the 2016 movie A Street Cat Named Bob. Based on the book by former Big Issue seller James Bowen, this initial film told the story of how a stray ginger cat changed the life of James (Luke Treadaway), a homeless London street musician and recovering drug addict. It began with a friendship that transformed both their lives.

A Gift From Bob is the follow up. The movie begins with James grappling with being asked to write a second book, a common struggle amongst most authors.


A chance meeting sees James reflecting on the last Christmas he and Bob spent together scraping a living on the streets in London. With the need to raise 200 pounds or face a freezing Christmas with no lights, no heating and no food the pair take to the streets armed with a guitar, copies of The Big Issue and charm. But they have their work cut out for them as the streets are highly competitive at this time of year.

As they spend a cold and challenging December on the streets, James draws strength and inspiration from Bob. Anyone with a pet knows how much their friendship can help you get through tough times.

A Gift From Bob is a delightful story about how a stray cat helped a man learn the true meaning of Christmas. It touches on friendship, purpose and the importance of community.


It was great to see the real life Bob back again and equally so Treadaway who was in the original movie. This would be a wonderful movie for anyone moving through loss, although they might want to watch it at home as the tears will flow.

There’s a great line, “don’t let the future be weighed down by the past”, something to remember.

Sure the movie is a bit twee at times, but if you can’t be soppy at Christmas when can you be?

A Perfect Christmas tail, I mean tale.

Rating: 6 starts out of 10

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