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I love a good psychological thriller and Beast certainly fits the bill.

It also has the added bonus of my current favourite female actress.

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Moll (Jessica Buckley) is a young woman working as a tour guide in the small island community of the Channel Island, Jersey. She lives at home where, because of a very poor decision in her past, her high society mother controls every aspect of her life.

On the night of her birthday party, when her sister announces her own engagement, Moll has had enough. She leaves her own party and goes to a bar. That night a girl goes missing.

Having been out all night walking with a man she met at the party, things take a turn for the worse on an isolated part of beach, as she finds herself in a precarious situation.

Thanks to Anarchy PR

When mysterious outsider Pascal Renouf (Johnny Flynn) comes to her rescue she is instantly smitten. Recognizing something of a kindred spirit in Moll, Pascal soon opens her eyes to the world she’s been missing.

When the body of another young girl is found on the island – the fourth victim of a serial killer – Pascal falls under the suspicion of Moll’s family and a local policeman who has his sights set on Moll. But Moll isn’t ready to let go of her new love and life anytime soon.

Moving in with Pascal, and away from family, Moll becomes more and more isolated and forced to consider poor decisions in her own past.

Jessie Buckley is brilliant as the tormented, complex Moll. Her character is a far cry from the laced up Mrs Delaney in Taboo.

By the time the fourth victim was found I had changed my mind several times about who the Beast was. The movie delivers the best waiter moment and best pregnant pause in a long time. The stunning remote scenery helps emphasis the feelings of isolation and despair.

Beast is at heart a love story with a sinister thriller undertone. Make sure you see this one.

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Glennys Marsdon
Most kids grow out of asking ‘but why’, Glennys didn’t. So she trained as a psychologist and established The Customers’ Voice, consumer psychology consultancy in 2000, where she researches why we do what we do. After losing her partner in 2005 she understood the importance of making the most out of life, and began The Ponder Room blog, to help people do just that. By ‘having a go’ she now has a monthly column in a magazine, three non-fiction books published, been nominated for a Telstra Business Women’s Award, and profiled by US internet guru Seth Godin in a worldwide competition about people making a difference. She firmly believes in living a positive life and following your passion.