Movie Review: Doctor Sleep

Confession time. I’ve never read a Stephen King novel, though I have watched The Shinning many, many years ago, I’m not into horror that much. Given that I was pleasantly surprised to find that Doctor Sleep was more mystical suspense than straight out horror. That plus the edition of Ewan McGregor and Rebecca Ferguson made Doctor Sleep an entertaining view.

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Doctor Sleep takes up where The Shinning left off albeit several years later. Young Dan Torrance (Ewan McGregor) is all grown up and fighting against his desire to hide out at the bottom of a scotch bottle.

Torrance moves into a rental where the previous tenant had installed a blackboard wall, as you do. The wall turns out to be pretty handy really when Torrance starts receiving scrawly messages from the unknown.

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The unknown turns out to be a young girl Abra (Kyliegh Curran) with similar, though must stronger, telepathic powers than his own.

Thanks to Doctor Sleep

While Torrances sets about using his powers for good, by helping the dying depart gracefully, Abra’s powers soon draw the attention of Rose the Hat (Rebecca Ferguson) and her band of ‘steam inhaling’ misfits called The True Knot.

The True Knot goes about killing gifted children and capturing their ‘steam’, literally in shinny silver flasks, as they die. The flasks are then kept and only opened when a group member feels their immortality waning.

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Abra and Torrance must work together to ensure the young girls steam isn’t captured. And so begins a quest that sees the pair eventually end up back at the Overlook Hotel.

Thanks to Doctor Sleep

Ensconced with my choc top safety blanket, I settled in for the 2 hour 31 minute drama. As the monotone heart beat grew throughout the action I was very thankful that the security guard standing in the aisle next to me, didn’t lean over and say boo.

It was fascinating to watch the now very sober McGregor pull off a terrific drunk. I always wonder what impact that has on a sober actor. He also pulled off one of his best American ascents so far, something that has often alluded him.

Rebecca Ferguson was effortlessly cool as Rose the Hat. Love to see that character again.

To get the most out of this movie I recommend you re-watch The Shinning before seeing this one. Otherwise parts of the movie will prove elusive.

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