We all know the story, we’ve even seen many a screen rendition, so why go to another movie about Emma? Well, I must admit Bill Nighy was a big enticement, he hasn’t let me down yet. If you need a break from all the doom and gloom Emma is an ideal antidote, particularly on Valentines Day weekend.

Movie Review: Emma
Thanks to Emma

Jane Austen’s Emma is the story of a pretty, wealthy, young woman Emma Woodhouse (Anya Taylor-Joy) who’s intent on not marrying, while all the other single women around her could think of nothing more.

One of Emma’s motives for single life is her close bond with her bereaved father Mr Woodhouse (Bill Nighy). With her sister having married and moved away, Mr Woodhouse delights in Emma’s desire to remain single.


When a young man takes a shine to Emma’s friend Harriet Smith (Mia Goth), Emma thinks Harriet could do better. Consequently she sets about matching Harriet with the local vicar. Trouble is the vicar misreads the signs thinking Emma is interested in him.

Watching on from the side is family friend George Knightley (Johnny Flynn) who is at first amused by Emma’s meddling, until he feels it’s darker side.

When the elusive, and highly thought of, Mr Frank Churchill (Callum Turner) finally makes an appearance, things get even more complicated.

Taylor-Joy is perfect as Emma, her delicate performance matching her features. Goth’s giggling, Harriet steals the show in several scenes. Flynns interpretation of Knightley makes it easy to find yourself agonising for the eventual union. As for Nighy, he did not disappoint, his snide snorts proving as endearing and communicative as when employed during those pirate movies.


It was also a delight to see Miranda Hart playing the good-hearted Miss Bates. Her many comments that began with ‘such’, had me waiting for a ‘such fun’ reference.

Sit back and devour the scenery and costumes.

Emma, the movie, proves that society hasn’t moved too far in all these years. Think Married At First Sight, in period costumes, with far greater success and satisfaction for the viewer.

Emma, is a sweet feel good movie, something we all need during troubled times. A good pick for Valentines Day weekend.

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