Perth Hills and Chills: Experiences To Nurture Your Inner Wellness and Zen

Check in on your mental wellbeing at any of these Perth Hills Armadale based wellness experiences.

Wellness has never been as big of a talking point than it is now. In our fast-paced world that’s increasingly reliant on technology and social media, our inner state of being tends to take a bit of a battering. Mental burnout is a very real thing.

Avoiding burnout is easy, if you know where to go and what to do to nurture your inner wellness. For those in need of rediscovering that inner zen, consider heading out to the Armadale Hills and giving one of these wellness rituals a go. 

Restful Waters

Source: Restful Waters Facebook Page

We all know a morning meditation does wonders for your mental state, but ‘wellness’ has more pillars than just meditation. The team at Restful Waters in Bedfordale are just one Perth based organisation that take a more holistic approach to wellness. To them, wellness isn’t just about de-stressing, but about restfulness, clarity, and openness too. 

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Sitting by a lake, on peaceful avocado farm in Bedfordale, the Buddhist run Restful Waters centre is – by all accounts – the perfect location to find some zen. There are birds chirping, trees rustling, and plenty of space to get some vitamin D. If you can make it to one of their outdoor yoga or tai chi classes, you can really make the most of the gorgeous location.

In line with the centre’s Buddhist principles, there are some unique classes on the timetable, and plenty of knowledgeable teachers to learn from. Alongside the more standard practices of yoga and meditation, Restful Waters also offer tai chi, wellness courses (including retreats), Satsang (a sanskrit practice of group meeting with true people), and counselling services.

Kookaburra Yoga

Source: Kookaburra Yoga

Yoga has become synonymous with wellness and that feeling of zen. At Kookaburra Yoga, they take you away from the standard studio experience, and take that state of zen one step further.

Based on a spacious, 10 acre property in the heart of Bedfordale, the Kookaburra Yoga studio is surrounded by native bushland. There is something so special about easing into your downward dog to the sounds of the kookaburras and frogs outside. Kookaburra Yoga’s purpose built, octagonal yoga studio is based on ‘Vastu Shastra’, the traditional Indian system of space and building design that ensures harmony with nature, and a flow of positive energy. The space looks good, and feels good. 

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Outside of casual yoga classes (which, by the way, are a Hatha and Raja blend), Kookaburra yoga runs more intensive wellness journeys through yoga retreats. Retreats range in length and content, from 1-day or weekend retreats at their bush studio, to week long Bali retreats and 3-week yoga, meditation, and ayurveda journeys in India.

Emersion Flotation Spa

Source: Emersion Floatation Spa

Floatation is one of the newer wellness trends on the block. ‘Floats’ gained popularity fast, and for good reason. Jumping into one of the floatation pods at Emersion Floatation and Spa is an experience like no other.

Floating around on your back doesn’t sound very revolutionary, but the benefits of a 1 hour session in the pod speak for themselves.

Once inside the soundproof pod, the saline water (we’re talking 500kgs of epsom salts) keeps you afloat on your back, and the 36.5 degree water blurs the line between body and water, so you float away into a state of total zen. While you aren’t distracted by light, sound, and the forces of gravity, your mind can focus on all manner of things. Who knows, you might even come up with your next great business idea in your float session.

If the idea of a float isn’t floating your boat, Emersions Floatation and Spa also has a skin and body clinic that offers everything from facials and massages, to pedicures and waxing. It’s a one-stop shop for all things beauty, relaxation, and wellness.

Perth Hills hiking

Source: Off The Beaten Track

Water bottles and sunscreen aren’t the first thing you think to pack on a mission to get zen, but you’re going to need them handy for this wellness activity – it doesn’t fit the standard wellness activity mould. Trade out the dimly lit rooms and ‘deep calm’ soundtracks, for the sights, sounds, and smells of nature. 

Joining a guided hiking experience through the Perth Hills Armadale region induces a sense of calm, and can help you to become one with yourself (and nature, of course). The Hike Collective lead group hikes through popular spots like Lesmurdie Falls, the Bibbulmun Track, and Araluen Botanic Park, while focussing on nurturing mental health through movement, connection, and nature. 

Off The Beaten Track take fitness and mental health one step further, by offering added activities to their hiking schedule – think hikes combined with zen activities like pilates, yoga, or even star gazing. 

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