Fremantle Day Trip: Exploring Perth’s Other Island Hotspot

Fremantle, fondly referred to as Freo, is a dynamic port city often regarded as Western Australia’s cultural epicentre, and is just 23 kilometres southwest of Perth’s CBD. The city drips in architecture and oozes creativity and individuality, making it the home of many artisans, writers, musicians, and artists.

Set on the idyllic Perth coastline, this seaside location is the place where the sea meets the city, fish and chips meet fine dining, maritime museums meet prestigious artworks, and where the best of beach life dances with the best of city life. 

Fremantle Day Trip Itinerary 

Embark on a journey both on and off the shore with this day trip itinerary that takes you out to sea for island exploration before bringing you back to dry land to discover the best of Fremantle’s art, culture, history, and dining scenes, leaving you inspired and invigorated. 

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7:30 am: Sail a Catamaran to Carnac Island

Fremantle Day Trip: Sail to Carnac Island
Credit: Tourism WA

Secure your spot on a Sailing Catamaran to Carnac Island tour and begin your voyage to one of Fremantle’s hidden treasures. Board the luxury catamaran for four hours and curate your own experience with as much relaxation or adventure as you choose. Feel the fresh, salty breeze caress your hair as you depart the harbour and glide across the tranquil morning ocean. As you approach the secluded island, watch as the sea’s gradient of colours transitions before you, from shades of deep midnight blue to glimmering aquamarine, before becoming crystal clear at the shoreline. 

Once you arrive at Carnac Island, the choice of how you spend your time is completely yours. Grab a kayak or stand-up paddleboard and explore life above the water, or put on a snorkel, dive below, and take in all the sights and feelings the underwater world has to offer. If keeping it more lowkey is your style, then you’ll want to bask in the Catamaran’s cargo net where you’ll be able to absorb all the views. One sight you won’t want to miss is the rarest sea lion in the world, the Australian sea lion. A colony of these adorable creatures use the island as a place of refuge between feeding. If they’re not gliding past the Catamaran through the depths of the ocean, they’ll no doubt be observing you from the sun-drenched sands of the island. 

12:30 pm: Lunch at one of Perth’s best foodie spots

Fremantle Day Trip: Vin Populi for lunch
Credit: @vinpopuli

It’s time to take a moment to unwind and respite from the sun and what better way to do that than by wining and dining for lunch at Fremantle’s beloved spot, Vin Populi. With a name that is Italian for “wine of the people,” this charming, rustic, and airy wine bar and restaurant brings a piece of Italy to you that leaves a lasting impression. 

Be sure to book in advance to make sure you get a table. 

2:00 pm: Wander around the Fremantle Markets

Credit: @fremantlemarkets

The afternoon calls for a wander through the iconic Fremantle markets. Established in 1897, the markets are an ideal way to immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and heritage of the area and set out on a sensory journey. Stroll through the stalls brimming with fresh local produce, handcrafted goods, vintage finds, homewares, street food vendors, and so much more. Allow the scents of international flavours to fill the air around you as the gentle strums of a nearby busker’s guitar add a melodic backdrop. 

3:30 pm: Go on a self-guided Fremantle street art tour 

Fremantle is a hub of urban creativity, and a self-guided street art tour is one of the finest avenues for exploring this element of the area.

As you exit the markets, head towards South Terrace where you’ll find street art brushed along the walls beside you. From here, absorb the blend of murals and graffiti art along Pakenham Street and High Street as self-expressive works melt into the nearby alleys. 

Continue towards Essex Street and Mouat Street where you’ll be greeted by laneways and intimate spaces waiting to showcase their colours. Stroll towards Bathers Beach and discover a coastal strip where street art and galleries intertwine with one another providing an array of aesthetic options to view. Finally, reach Victoria Quay where your journey concludes along the waterfront streets. 

5:30 pm: Time for a brew over sunset

Credit: Gage Roads

As the sun begins its descent into tomorrow, casting hues of soft yellow and deep warm orange across the canvas of the sky, Gage Roads — housed within the historic A-shed built in 1925 — provides one of the best views in Fremantle. Inside the vintage-feeling gastro brewery, you’ll be immersed in a laid-back atmosphere. Take a moment to reflect on the day as you raise a glass and clink chilled pints while soaking up the lively surroundings and serenity of the sunset over the port. 

7:30 pm: Dinner at Tonic + Ginger

End the day with an Asian fusion dinner at the chic restaurant, Tonic + Ginger, in the heart of Fremantle. Situated in the locally adored venue, The Old Synagogue, the eatery is two stories of historic surroundings and flavoursome dishes that will take you on a culinary journey. On the award-winning restaurant’s menu, expect stand-out flavour experiences from dishes such as the Cambodian amok curry, waterfall beef salad, poached market fish, and kimchi fried rice. We just know your tastebuds will thank you later.

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