Randy Feltface: An interview with a comedy legend

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It’s not often a girl gets the chance to interview an award winning comedy legend like Randy Feltface. Here’s what went down on the eve of his show Randy Feltface Purple Privilege at the Regal on Saturday 28th August.

Randy Feltface: An interview with a comedy legend
Randy Feltface

Were there any puppets that inspired you at the beginning or now? Kermit, Big Ted?

I always found the work of Sooty, Sweep and Sue to be particularly entertaining in my youth. These days I’m a big fan of Nina Conti’s Monkey and the TikTok phenomenon that is Toiley T. Paper. 

When you travel, how do you go on planes? Or do you prefer to pack yourself away in your suitcase – body or legs first?

Premium Economy all the way. 

Some writers have very set creative/writing hours while others are more on the fly. When writing observational comedy can you have a routine or is it as the inspiration comes?

I would love to have a daily writing routine, but being constantly on the run from lockdowns this year has meant writing most of my jokes at truck stops and over-priced airbnbs at three in the morning.


We’d assume there’s more freedom speaking as a puppet, but is that true?


Will you print it if I say the word ‘fuck’? If so, then I guess it’s true!

How have you coped during lockdown? Has your approach to comedy changed as a result of your experiences?

My approach to comedy has changed from joyous creative pursuit to post-apocalypse survival tool. 

I’ve been interviewing a lot of people lately who work outside the box. A lot of them didn’t really fit in when growing up, can you relate to that at all?

I’m like the Selleys Spakfilla of fitting in. The secret is to never show anyone your true self and keep track of the lies you’ve told, that way you’ll fit in everywhere!

What can we expect from the show?

This is the third time I’ve had to reschedule for Perth so the anticipation alone is worth the price of admission. The show sold out in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide and it’s a theatrical spectacular with more bells, whistles, and shenanigans than you can poke a stick at. 

You started out helping address bullying in school would you like to make any comment about this issue ?

I was a performer in a corporate training program about workplace bullying. The only comment I’d like to make about this issue is that I hope I never get so low on cash that I have to go back to being a performer in a corporate training program about workplace bullying.

Author Note: He’s even more handsome in person and a lot taller than I thought.

For tickets and more information go to Regal Theatre

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