Frenchman Peak: What You Need To Know

Frenchman Peak - Esperance Top Instagram Spots - Frenchman Peak
Your guide to Frenchman Peak.

Frenchman Peak: What You Need To Know

Your guide to Frenchman Peak.
Frenchman Peak - Esperance Top Instagram Spots - Frenchman Peak
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Soak in the spectacular views of Frenchman Peak

Heading south? You will come across a granite dome with a pointy peak commonly known as Frenchman Peak (or Mandooboornup)- a popular hiking destination and important place in local Aboriginal culture. If you’re planning on heading to the Cape Le Grand area, it’s an absolute must-visit.

Rising 242m above sea level, its distinctive shape, and breathtaking ocean views make it an absolute stand-out, and a walk to the summit will have you see exactly why.

About Frenchman Peak

Frenchman Peak was named by surveyor Alexander Forrest during an expedition in 1870. It gained its name when it was thought the granite structure resembled the hats worn by French troops in the 1800’s.

Frenchman Peak
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Where is it?

It’s located about 45 minutes from Esperance and an eight-hour drive southeast of Perth at Cape Le Grand.

You can get here pretty easily by taking the Fisheries Road east out of town and then taking a right onto Merivale Rd and following it down until you see the signs for Cape Le Grand. From there it’s pretty hard to miss.

map of Frenchman Peak

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Things to do at Frenchman Peak

Number one: hike as Frenchman Peak is one of WA’s best hiking trails.

A hike up to the summit is nothing short of breathtaking, and it won’t be too strenuous for the most part. It’s a short 2.5km round trip, you’ll just have to put in a bit of extra grit as you make your way up a steep slope, so it is recommended you have some level of experience bush hiking. It’s easy enough to follow with markers pointing you in the right direction, and after a slightly harder ascent, the ocean views at the top will be totally worth it.

view from Frenchman Peak
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Make sure you also stop in to visit the famous cave just near the summit, thought to have been formed by waves and underwater currents some 40 million years ago when the peaks of Cape Le Grand were largely submerged.

If you’re making the trip here (and it’s definitely worth it) make sure you stop off at some of the best WA pit stops along the way to refresh and take in some new sights.

view from Frenchman Peak
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Best time to visit Frenchman Peak

The trail is open all year round, and it’s beautiful in every season- so there’s no specific time you have to visit to get the best experience, but it’s not recommended to take on the walk in wet, windy, or dangerous conditions.

This is a listed Class 5 hike by Parks and Wildlife, so make sure you are hiking to the conditions.

Are dogs allowed at Frenchman Peak?

As it’s located in a national park, this means that no pets are allowed. Leave your furry friends at home.

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