10 Of The Best Dog Beaches in Perth

Best Perth Dog Beaches - honey__goldenretriever
Hit the beach with your best four-legged friend at the best dog beaches in Perth.

10 Of The Best Dog Beaches in Perth

Hit the beach with your best four-legged friend at the best dog beaches in Perth.
Best Perth Dog Beaches - honey__goldenretriever
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Nothing beats an early-morning dip and an exhilarating cardio workout by the beach with a four-legged friend during Perth’s summer heatwave.

Luckily for proud pup owners, Perth is home to an array of dog-friendly, off-leash coastal reserves, each with its own beautiful unique qualities to cater to any occasion.

Whether you’re on the hunt for a calm, secluded coast such as Woodman Point, or you’re hoping to mingle with a vibrant community of pooch lovers at South Fremantle Dog Beach — we have it all.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your dog’s favourite toy, a picnic blanket and a basket of yummy snacks, and explore some of our favourite off-leash dog beaches in Perth with your beloved pup this summer.

Peasholm Dog Beach

Located just 300 meters south of Brighton and Scarborough Beach, the famous Peasholm Dog Beach is guaranteed to win you over with its crystal-clear waters and spacious coast allowing pooches to roam free and make some new hairy friends.

After a rejuvenating swim, tickle your taste buds at nearby beachside eateries and local favourites such as The Wild Fig, Lady Late, and Zoie Cafe to name a few!

You’ll find a variety of great amenities on-site, including dog wash stations with hoses, water bowls, public toilets, and a sufficient amount of waste bins and plastic poo bags.

Quinns Rocks Dog Beach

Experience a rejuvenating morning dip, followed by a therapeutic stroll with your furry friend at the iconic Quinns Rock Dog Beach on Ocean Drive.

While the coast is quite narrow compared to Peasholm Beach, there’s sufficient space for energetic dogs to run up and down the sand dunes and splash about in the calm shallow water.

Remember to watch out for snakes in the area including the venomous Digute snakes that tend to hide beneath rocks, logs and burrows — so keep your pup close.

After a refreshing swim, hit up the cute dog-friendly eaterie, Blue Vue Cafe & Restaurant, located just 900 meters across from Quinns Rock Beach.

Hillary’s Dog Beach (Whitfords)

Located on Whitfords Ave and just a five-minute walk from Hillary’s Horse Beach (need I say more), Hillary’s off-leash dog beach is guaranteed to get your pup’s tail wagging.

Whether you’re hoping to befriend a dog-loving family or spend some alone time with your beloved pooch, this spacious seaside escape is definitely worth a visit.

To make it more exciting, your beloved pooches may roam around Hillary’s Horse Beach — provided they’re wearing a leash — from Monday to Saturday.

South Fremantle Dog Beach

Become part of a wholesome tight-knit Freo community at this beautiful, naturally enclosed dog beach within close proximity to South Terrace.

Renowned for its luscious sunsets, gentle waves and fresh sea breeze, South Fremantle Dog Beach is the perfect environment for Perth residents and their fur babies to get that heart pumping and socialise with the locals.

The sheltered grass area parallel to the coast provides a number of great public facilities including public toilets, outdoor showers, and BBQ stations, with plenty of parking space on both sides of the train line.

Woodman Point Dog Beach

Enjoy a blissful morning with your doggo at Woodman Point, an off-leash dog exercise reserve in Jervoise Bay Cove near the Henderson shipbuilding area.

The abundance of marine life, calm shallow waters and stunning stretch of coastline make it an ideal location for fishing, swimming, and exercising with your K-9 child.

To conclude the perfect day outing, fuel up at the ice cream van down the road or pay a visit to iconic Woodman Point Cafe where they’ll serve you delicious fresh coffee, Fish’n Chips, and homestyle burgers.

Mosman-Leighton Dog Beach

The Mosman-Leighton Dog Beach is perfect for hyperactive pooches ready to burn some energy along the two-kilometre stretch of soft white sand that runs from North Fremantle to Cottesloe.

Your pup will have plenty of fun exploring high sand dunes and splashing about the shallow turquoise sea with their new friends — just be wary of the occasional stingers lurking in the water.

If you’re feeling snackish, enjoy delicious Aussie cuisine and freshly-roasted coffee at the famous Orange Box, Bib and Tucker, and Turquoise cafe (although be prepared for peak-hour queues).

CY O’Connor Dog Beach

It would be a crime not to include CY O`Connor Dog Beach in our list of favourite dog beaches in Perth. Located north of the Southern Fremantle Power station to the Catherine Point groyne, this location is a popular choice among proud dog parents living south of Perth.

There’s plenty of space for off-leash pooches to enjoy a healthy run along the soft-white shore and sniff out seashells nestled in the sand. While you’re here, you might as well pay a visit to the fascinating SS Wyola Wreck that’s been bogged on CY O’Connor Beach for the past 50 years.

The southern reserve consists of a beautiful grass lawn featuring picnic shelters, public toilets, BBQ stations, poop bag dispensers and water fountains at your convenience.

Best dog beaches in Perth
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Rockingham Dog Beach

The off-leash dog exercise beach in East Rockingham is arguably one of Perth’s most tranquil coastal areas to date and the ideal outdoor space to exercise with your pooch — featuring an aesthetic view of the CBH Kwinana Grain Jetty, a massive green lawn perfect for picnics, and a sandbar you can walk along during low-tide.

It’s relatively shallow water and sizeable waves make it a perfect safe-spot for dogs of all shapes and sizes to go for a cheeky dip.

Just watch out for the occasional parachuters who use the southern end of the beach as a landing area which could easily frighten your dog.

Bennion Dog Beach Trigg

If you’re looking for a slightly smaller, intimate space to exercise with your four-legged friend, Bennion Dog Beach is the perfect escape for you.

Located at the bottom of Bennion St in Trigg, this stunning little beach consists of a long stretch of white sand enclosed at both ends by rock cliffs, with plenty of nooks and crevices for your pup to explore.

While the coast is partially protected by the reef, we advise you think twice about bringing smaller dogs as the waves can get quite rough. Grab a fresh-roasted coffee and a cute the-counter dog treat from Yelo Cafe which operates between 6.30 am and 5:00 pm every day of the week.

Secret Harbour Dog Beach

Located on Siracusa Ct in Perth’s far south, Secret Harbour Dog Beach is the ultimate location for an off-the-lead stroll, swim and play session with your pooch. Mid-week visits in particular are perfect for dog owners seeking to spend some peaceful quality time with their pups and watch amazing sunsets from a clean golden foreshore.

There are heaps of helpful facilities and parking bays at Sircusa Court, including outdoor showers to wash the sand off, and a water fountain with a dog bowl for your pooch.

In the meantime, watch out for sand leaches at night and keep a close eye on smaller pups swimming in the ocean as the water can get quite choppy.

Best dog beaches in Perth
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