Beach, BBQ And Beats: 7 Best Perth Beaches For A Feel Good Time

Best Perth Beaches
Check out the best Perth beaches worth the blaring the summer beats.

Beach, BBQ And Beats: 7 Best Perth Beaches For A Feel Good Time

Check out the best Perth beaches worth the blaring the summer beats.
Best Perth Beaches
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Check out the best Perth beaches worth the blaring the summer beats.

How glorious is the feeling to know that summer is just around the river bend? Come December, and it’s all about getting the pegs out and making the most of lazy summer days with the three trusty B’s – beach, barbeque and beats.

To make it more of a vibe, we give you the rundown of seven of the best Perth beaches (in no particular order) to whip you into holiday feel good mode.

Just BYO Beats.

1. Cottesloe Beach

No doubt the most iconic on our list of best Perth beaches, we are starting from the top here with the tourist city hotspot, Cottesloe Beach.

This slither of golden sands is arguably Perth’s most iconic beach – and for very good reason, or reasons we should say. Where do we start? There are many sights to take besides its dreamy coastline: the art deco Indiana Teahouse, the lone concrete pylon at sea – the sole survivor of a failed shark net – and the grass step area to evaluate your sunset-watching status. The whole scene deserves an ‘oh la la’ wow reaction, especially come March when it acts as the stunning backdrop for art exhibition Sculpture by the Sea.

Cottesloe’s relaxed vibe easily brings out the best of coastal West ‘Straya, and it’s easy to spend a whole day here with plenty to do morning, noon and night. After your swim, make a zebra crossing dash to have a cool off bevy at Cottesloe Beach Hotel or Ocean Beach Hotel or feast at one of the many upmarket eats along the main strip. And for dessert? Smack your lips around an ice cream from Gelato Bar Cottesloe or Cottesloe General Store for the ultimate low-key seaside experience.

2. Leighton Beach

Best Perth Beaches - Leighton Beach
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Are you yearning to have a beach life without the buzz? Head further south the coast to the golden sands of Leighton Beach.

Leighton Beach is the sandwich between the so-called busy Cottesloe and the almost barren Port Beach. Not too full, not too empty, Leighton Beach is a local favourite for its serene waters and vast coastline to throw a towel.

Protected by the dunes, its circle-shaped grass area is a place to gather your mates to flare up the barbeque and turn up the volume on your Beats Pill+ for a chilled beachside Sunday session.

It’s also a great place to take your pooch out for a stroll or have a coffee catch up, courtesy of hip café-kiosk, The Orange Box. Of course, we must mention if you did want to make a double splash, let the second splash of the day be parting ways with your cash at Bib & Tucker for one tasty gastronomic feed.

Come late afternoon, catch the kite-surfers doing their thing thanks to the Freo Doctor blowing in. So sit back and watch in awe as kite-surfers show off their bold skills icing the cake sky and sea.

3. Scarborough Beach

Scarborough Beach - Best Perth Beaches
Source: Tourism Western Australia

Scarborough Beach is darling of the north coast that gets more beautiful – and full of beachside buzz – each day.

It may be Perth’s most developed beach in terms of high-rise hotel presence and apartments galore, but that hasn’t stopped the masses descending to this ever-popular beach.

Kudos to the local council for its role in Scarborough’s metamorphosis in becoming WA’s ultimate coastal playground with plenty do see and do. It could easily rival another west coast darling, California’s Venice Beach for its revamped multi-purpose coastline, filled with skateparks, bars and restaurants galore, kid’s playgrounds and smooth pathways for bikes, rollerblades to turn heads (and wheels). Affectionately known as Scabs by locals, it remains a top inner-city spot to learn how to surf with its breaks, catch waves or simply people-watch.

The much-loved beach also plays host to the Scarborough Sunset Markets every Thursday evening during summer along the Esplanade. It is a full on social-sensory affair, with plenty of street food vendors and retailers to indulge and treat yourself. Never miss a beat either with local DJ legend DJ Shaunn spinning tracks in the Scarborough Amphitheatre. 

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4. City Beach

City Beach - Best beaches Perth
Source: @dschluter_aerialimages

What’s in a name? Well, City Beach lives up to it, located in the northern suburbs with easy access to the inner city ‘burbs.

Its shoreline is in contrast to Scarborough and Cottesloe, mostly free from development with the exemption of the life saving club and few new restaurants and cafes including old faithful, Clancy’s Fish Pub. It is more of a low-key beach visit, with shady grassed areas, beachside barbeques for a relaxed coastal affair.

5. Coogee Beach

Another on of the best Perth beaches can be found beyond at Coogee, Cockburn’s premier beach haven and an underrated blue gem of the south.

This part of the coast is defined by its hard-to-miss T-structured jetty, attracting both brazen beachgoers to take a giant leap into blissful waters and avid fishing fans to try their luck at the reel. For a bit of adventure at sea, there is a shore shipwreck to snorkel over. There is also a massive grass area to sprawl the picnic rug across, crack up your preferred soundtrack for the summer on your Beats Pill+ speaker and simply unwind.

If needing to satisfy the hunger pains or quench the thirst, make a hop, skip and jump to Coogee Common. Just 100m away from the beach, the former historic 1894 Coogee Hotel houses a restaurant, bar and gardens, and all brought to you by the team behind Fremantle’s Bread in Common.

6. Trigg Beach

Source: @canteentrigg

If riding waves and chasing epic sunsets excites you, the surf at Trigg Beach is calling for you.

Trigg Beach is one of Perth’s premier surf beaches for consistent wave breaks and attracts board lovers across the city. Swim wise, it can sometimes be challenging, so it’s a beach recommend for experienced only as large waves and strong rips are experienced.

If not into the whole surf thing, you can catch the free entertainment of seeing the surfers chase thrills sitting atop of the coastal cliff at Clarko Reserve. Enjoy the grass between your toes and catch sight of an epic sunset. The area also boasts plenty of barbeques and playgrounds for the young ones.

Hungry? There are plenty of restaurants and cafes, including Canteen Trigg and Island Market Trigg to satisfy the hunger pains with the coast never leaving plain sight.

7. South Beach

There is much to say about South Beach. It is possibly the most spirited beach along the Perth coastline making it a given on our best Perth beaches list.

Never mind its compact coastline, here people-watching is at its finest, where it is not uncommon to see inspired locals having a sure go at treading slacklines, guitar sessions in full swing along the vast grass area. Beachgoers seem nonchalant to take a dip in the beach’s ultra-calm waters then retreat under the shaded areas and repeat.

The beach also boasts a basketball court, pontoon, café kiosk and nearby dog beach. For a post-swim trickle, head to the new thirst-quenchers Running with Thieves, the latest brewery and distillery to hit the Perth scene, opening December 4.

Don’t forget the plastic free South Fremantle Sunset Markets every Saturday from 5pm during summer. Now that’s one serious summer vibe worth not missing a beat.

We encourage you all to have a safe summer. Don’t forget to slip on the rashy, slop on the sunscreen, slap on the hat and say no to the lobster look. Please exercise caution when swimming and swim between the two flags.  

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