COVID-19 Update

Victoria Records 38 COVID-19 Deaths In Just 2 Days

It brings Victoria's COVID-19 death toll to 246, and Australia’s to 313.
COVID-19 Update

Victoria confirmed its death toll has risen by 19 for the second day in a row.

Yesterday Victoria recorded its deadliest day fighting coronavirus so far, confirming 19 deaths – 14 of which were linked to its aged care outbreaks.

But in the latest Victoria COVID-19 update today – the state recorded the same number of deaths overnight.

As was the case yesterday, most were linked to aged care.

It brings the State’s death toll to 246, and Australia’s to 313.

There are also 650 Victorians in hospital, 47 of those are in intensive care, with 24 on ventilators.

Victoria’s total number of tests is now nearing 2 million.

Victoria active COVID-19 cases numbers

Overnight there were also a further 331 new cases of COVID-19 confirmed in Victoria.

There are now 7,880 active cases across the whole state, with the source of almost 3,000 of those infections still unknown.

That’s up by about 100 cases from unknown sources from yesterday.

Of the active cases, 1,185 are healthcare workers and 1,838 are in aged care settings.

Andrews grilled at parliamentary committee

The Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews faced a grilling by the Parliament’s Public Accounts and Estimates Committee on the State’s response to coronavirus.

He was asked questions about the aged care outbreaks and hotel quarantine failures.

“Clearly this system (hotel quarantine) has not worked as it should have,” he said.

“It is unclear to me exactly where the origin and nature of some of those deficiencies and failures are so we have sought a separate process so as not to mark our own paper, as it were, but instead to have others look at that in detail.”


The inquiry is ongoing.

NSW on “knife’s edge”

NSW recorded another double digit day, with 22 new cases.

The caseload is the highest since April.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian said her State was on the edge of an outbreak.

“It is a daily battle in NSW, we have to be on our toes, we are in a state of high alert,” Ms Berejiklian said.

“My anxiety has not subsided in relation to what a knife’s edge NSW is on.”

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