Best Desserts in Perth: Perth Desserts To Try Before You Die

List of Perth’s best desserts to soothe your sweet tooth.

Consider yourself a sugar fiend? From bitter, dark chocolate treats to salted caramel delights or fruity concoctions, we’ve got you covered.

The diet starts after making your way through this list… right?

Chicho Gelato’s – Tasting Flight

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Source: @chichogelato

Why have one flavour gelato when you can have five?

Since opening their doors two years ago, Chicho Gelato have established themselves as the dessert destination in Northbridge. The lines can be long on hot nights, but they move quick and the friendly team, headed up by owners Chez and Carly, scoop their hearts out. With more traditional flavours like salted caramel crack or choc mint brownie, it is a big yes for most palates – but then it spans out in unexpected directions with the likes of Aperol spritz, blood plum sorbet, or apple strudel which puts them in a whole other league. The malted milk cornflake is a particular favourite, as is the black sesame banana. Unexpected, and oh so delightful. Grab a cone or cup, or that five flavour tasting flight and while away your afternoon or evening in gelato or sorbetto heaven.

Kitsch Bar’s – Peanut Butter Parfait

Source: @kitschbar

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Peanut. Butter. Parfait. Need we say more?

It comes in a jar so straight away it is a big fat yes! Then simply pick it up in your hands and start devouring – and once you get started it is just phenomenal. Despite Kitsch Bar’s menu playing largely in the Asian realm for dishes and flavours, this one has a slightly more Western feel to it. Accompanying the soft gooey ice cream like base is a salted caramel sauce and praline. Decadent? Yes. But after a chilli-laden meal at this Leederville joint, it’s just the thing to get your taste buds humming with pure, unadulterated satisfaction.

Chu Bakery’s – Chu Puffs

Source: @chubakery

If you haven’t visited Hyde Park adjacent Chu Bakery, have you really lived?

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It’s a little hole in the wall venue, but it attracts hoards of people throughout the day stopping by for coffee, donuts, bread or other baked goods to take away or munch on while standing on the sidewalk out front. But our pick is the signature Chu puffs. They’re ethereally light, with a nice crisp outside, making them both eye and mouth candy. A beautiful swirl of filling goes next with a jelly square in the middle to surprise you as you make your way through. There is matcha with yuzu, chocolate, peanut butter and raspberry with lychee flavours to choose from so there’s something for everyone. You won’t be able to stop at one – and we don’t blame you!

The Hummus Club’s – Baklawa Sandwich

Source: @thehummusclub

How can you go wrong when you combine flaky pastry, brown butter and date ice cream, caramel, pistachio and rose?

In our eyes, you can’t. There’s no clean way to approach eating this – if your fingers don’t get sticky at Northbridge hotspot The Hummus Club, your grin will be coated in that glorious goodness. And it’s worth it. Trust us, it so is! The ideal take on a traditional baklawa or baklava that brings some playfulness in to every bite.

Rockpool’s – Passionfruit Pavlova

Source: @rockpooldininggroup

Everyone loves a good pavlova – and most people have a classic recipe they wheel out at Christmas or on special occasions.

But not many can top the magnificence of Neil Perry’s passionfruit pavlova at Rockpool Bar and Grill. Crunchy on the outside, its stacked high with a fluffy cloud-like marshmallow centre, cream, passionfruit curd and passionfruit pulp. While most diners head here for a special night out, it also has an impressive bar menu so you can drop in for something less committal and still be guaranteed a tasty meal. Make sure you save room to finish on this ultimate sweet ending.

Whisk Creamery’s – Taiyaki

Source: @kaylacys

Okay so maybe Whisk Creamery makes it into this list for having aesthetically pleasing desserts.

But it also brings to the table some fun treats that taste good too at their Subiaco and Northbridge spots. Their taiyakis are a nod to Japanese street food, with fish-shaped cakes stuffed full of their soft serve gelato. Go all in for the gram-worthy shot and get a unicorn taiyaki complete with horn and ears. It looks good, and it tastes even better. Or if you have a crowd to feed, try their dessert cakes which are almost too pretty to eat. Almost.

The Honeycake’s – Honeycake

Source: @perthgrub

When a business has so much strength in their product that it becomes their business name, you know you’re on to a good thing.

The Honeycake are the first Western Australian bakery to specialise in the handmade production of this traditional Czech style layered cake, and they’ve definitely built a loyal fan base as a result. Made of from a unique combination of alternating honey-flavoured layers with smooth, creamy caramel, the cake is then topped with fresh walnuts and honey crumbs to finish it off. Simple, yes, but still packs a flavour punch. While we’re obsessed with the original version, they also have a cacao or cheesecake variation to try too. Check them out at their new store in Yagan Square, at the State Buildings, Sorrento Quay or Fremantle Markets.

Bib & Tucker’s – Bombe Alaska

Source: @queenofbadtiming

It’s not just incredible views of Leighton Beach and the Indian Ocean that Bib & Tucker boast.

This venue, under the direction of Executive Chef and Partner Scott Bridger has become a powerhouse location known for it’s seasonal, local ingredients and dishes that can span across both casual and fine dining from morning to night. Their banoffee bombe Alaska is worth a visit alone thanks to its crisp biscuit base, topped with banana and toffee ice cream and then toasted meringue. For an extra $2 you can ask for it to be flambé and arrive to your table wrapped in flames of glory. Best of all, it’s a generous size so you can share it between two, or go at it solo if you’re feeling particularly sinful.

Padbury’s – Lemon Meringue Pancakes

Source: @perthdesserts_

Breakfast dessert is definitely a thing, and the team at Padbury’s Restaurant have happily made that a reality.

Their lemon meringue pancakes have gone viral on Instagram – but we had to give them the taste test to make sure they live up to the hype. The good news: they definitely do! The bad news: there isn’t any unless it’s finding time to squeeze in a trip to Guildford to wrap your lips around these. Not for the faint of heart at all, it’s the ideal dish to enjoy for a lazy weekend brunch to kick-start your day (don’t worry about the sugar crash later on, that’s future you’s problem).

Canteen Pizza and Il Lido’s – Tiramisu

Source: @canteenpizza

What do a neopolitan style pizzeria and espresso bar slash restaurant have in common besides Italian roots? What is arguably one of Perth’s best tiramisu offerings.

From the team that brought us Cottesloe’s Il Lido, comes Canteen Pizza, and with it, a shared common dessert that checks all the boxes. Layers of coffee soaked sponge, mascarpone and cream… it is definitely not kind on your hips but your taste buds will thank you for every generous bite. Order a serving and enjoy the sunset views that come hand in hand with having venues that are all about location, location, location.

Measure Bar’s – Citrus Cheesecake

Source: @measure_bar

Mount Lawley’s premier dessert restaurant Measure Bar is the brainchild of former Masterchef contestant Karmen Lu.

With dishes like peanut bavarois with brownie and caramel popcorn, or passionfruit semifreddo with violet jelly, it is the ideal spot to visit if you want complexity, beauty and sophistication in a dessert. The constructions do come with a price tag though meaning they can be reserved for special occasions, but with the likes of items like their citrus cheesecake (cheesecake mousse sphere, yuzu curd, lime sable breton, honey roasted macadamia, yuzu cream and candied lemon peel), being rational jumps out the window and our sugar craving selves take over. As an added bonus you can also pair your dessert creations with cocktails. Cheers to that!

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