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Blood Moon Live : Video Stream of Longest Lunar Eclipse of the 21st Century

What a time to be alive. The longest lunar eclipse of the 21st Century is taking place live across the globe right now, Blood Moon Live video streaming in this article below. 

Blood Moon Live

The July 28th 2018 Blood Moon will be visible in large parts of Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America. Totality will last for 103 minutes, making it the longest eclipse of the 21st century.

Blood Moon Live video below – streaming from cameras around the Earth.
Total lunar eclipse at Perth Observatory | Blood Moon Live Video Streaming – Image Copyright: Roger Groom, Astrophotography Australia

Video stream of blood moon live – the longest lunar eclipse anyone will witness until the 22nd Century. From Time and Date online.

There are also other live streams from alternative sources below, including Slooh, a live space views company and ‘The Virtual Telescope Project’ – see below in the article.

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Total Lunar Eclipse Key Facts
Starts: 1:14 am Saturday 28th of July
Duration: Longest total lunar eclipse this century – 1 hour 45min.
Max: The total phase will be at its max at 4:21 am (AWST)
Perth will witness ‘All of + partial visible’

When will the Total Lunar Eclsipe Start?

Blood Moon Live video

More blood moon live streaming video from ‘Slooh’ – Mini Buck Moon Total Lunar Eclipse.

Another live stream from the Virtual Telescope team.

When it all happens for Perth viewers? The July 28 2018 Lunar Eclipse

This eclipse will begin with the penumbral phase starting at 1:14 am (AWST) where the Moon starts to enter the outer edge of the Earth’s shadow (The Penumbra) and the Moon starts to dim.

At 2:24 am (AWST) the partial phase begins where the Moon starts to enter the centre portion of the Earth’s shadow (The Umbra) and we’ll start to see a visible dark area grow across the Moon until at 3:30 am (AWST) when the Moon completely enters the Umbra which begins the total phase of the eclipse (Totality) and the Moon turns completely copper.

The total phase will be at its max at 4:21 am (AWST) and will finish as the Moon starts to exit the Umbra at 5:13 am (AWST). This will again start the partial phase and we will see the dark area slowly recede from the face of the Moon with it completely gone by 6:19 am (AWST).

The Moon sets here in Perth at 7:17 am (AWST) so we’ll miss the last 11 minutes of the penumbral phase as the Moon completely leaves the Penumbra at 7:28 pm (AWST).

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