Perth COVID-19 Update: No New Cases & WA Testing Blitz ‘Detect Snapshot’ To Be Engaged

Good news for WA with no new confirmed cases of COVID-19 recorded overnight.

Prime Minister waves a white flag and calls for truce with unions as he unveils his “JobMaker” plan

Scott Morrison has announced the Government will not pursue the union-busting Ensuring Integrity Bill, urging for all sides of industrial relations to "put their weapons down".

COVID-19 Perth Update: 6 Livestock Ship Crew Test Positive For COVID-19

“Extremely concerning” COVID-19 outbreak announced in WA after infection detected on live export ship.

$60B Short: Federal Government’s JobKeeper Bungle

The Government has made a "significant error" in calculating the acclaimed JobKeeper scheme.

COVID-19 Perth Phase 2: Everything You Can & Can’t Do From Today

ISO becomes OUTso as COVID-19 restrictions ease in Perth.

Perth Coronavirus Update: No New Cases & Now Only 6 Active Cases In WA

WA edges closer to absolute 0 with no new cases and 1 recovery overnight.

Phase 2 – WA Coronavirus Travel Restrictions: Where You Can & Can’t Go

You are now allowed to hit the road in WA when Phase 2 coronavirus travel restrictions come into effect.

WA COVID-19 Restrictions: WA COVID-19 Roadmap – Phase 2 Everything You Need To Know

Phase 2 of WA's COVID-19 restrictions plan will come into effect May 18th. After the federal announcement from PM...

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