The Real Stories Behind HBF Run for a Reason: Children’s Tumour Foundation

HBF Run for a Reason
The real stories behind the people participating in HBF Run for a Reason. What’s your reason?

The Real Stories Behind HBF Run for a Reason: Children’s Tumour Foundation

The real stories behind the people participating in HBF Run for a Reason. What’s your reason?
HBF Run for a Reason
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HBF Run for a Reason unites thousands of people with hundreds of different reasons. Some take part to improve their fitness, some are keen for a day of fun with friends and family, and others are participating to fundraise for a loved one. This is community spirit at its best and it’s why HBF has been running this event for the WA community since 2010.

This is one story of thousands

Chriss Brownley is one of those people. She’s walking the CommBank 4km with her husband Steven, who last year, had his leg amputated to remove a cancerous tumour caused by the genetic condition he was born with. Neurofibromatosis (NF) is a condition that causes tumours to form in the brain, spinal cord and nerves. It doesn’t yet have a cure.

“Our reason is about just pushing limits and showing people that he’s capable and that nothing should stop you. It might take a bit longer, but everything should be given a shot. It’s a sad reason, but one that’s worthwhile,” Chriss said.

The story goes that one morning, while enjoying breakfast on the couch, Chriss signed the pair up for HBF Run for a Reason. She didn’t set out to nominate the Children’s Tumour Foundation as their fundraising charity, but when the option was there, it made perfect sense.

“The Children’s Tumour Foundation is one of the only organisations in Australia that provide support and research for people living with that condition. We thought now’s the time to get active and try to raise awareness of the medical condition, and ultimately funds for it,” she said.

Smashing goals

Since then, Chriss and Steven have been encouraging their friends and family to participate in the event and donate if they’re able to.

“So far we’ve been pretty lucky. We set a goal of $500 and we got that within a week. Now, we’re just over $700. Everyone has been so generous, considering the financial times at the minute. Anything is better than nothing, a couple of dollars add up.”

“We send everyone the link to donate. Friends who aren’t tech-savvy have been giving Steven’s mum — his number one supporter — cash, and she’s donating it online on their behalf,” Chriss said.

Credit: Chriss and Steven Brownley

Nothing can hold them back

The duo wants to prove that nothing can hold them back while highlighting to others that they can do the same.

“Throughout Steven’s treatment and rehab, we went to concerts, pushed boundaries and did things that people didn’t think he could have done. But our friends have always been there, supporting and cheering us on.”

“If we can inspire one person to do something that they have always wanted to do, or never done because of X, Y, or Z, that’s really what we want. We just want to make someone do something that they haven’t thought of before.” 

Although Chriss admits she’s not a crier, she knows crossing the finish line will likely trigger happy tears.

“Steven’s mum and dad will be at the finish line, and we’ve got a friend meeting us for lunch afterwards. We will just celebrate what it was, what it is, and what it represents. It’ll be a huge accomplishment; I don’t even think you can put it into words.”

“It [finishing the walk] will be like winning the lotto, I’ll just be dancing around. It will be very rewarding; one more thing to be proud of, one more thing he can do.”

Donate or register

Throughout the past 11 years, HBF Run for a Reason has helped raise over $11 million for more than 200 charities. Like Chriss, you can make a major difference by raising money for a charity close to your heart or choose to support one of the event’s hero charities, including — Cancer Council WA, Diabetes WA, Lifeline WA, and the Heart Foundation.

If you would like to make a difference, donate to Chriss’s cause. Or find your reason, lace up your sneakers, and register today. We can’t wait to see you at the start line on Sunday, May 19th.

This article was created in partnership with HBF.
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