Dude Food Guide: Where To Find Perth’s Best Dude Food

The ultimate guide to the very best dude food in Perth.

If you’re current shredding to get that perfect summer body, then the Perth’s best dude food list is not for you.

But for those of you who love dude food (the meatier and cheesier the better in our opinion), then round up your crew and start checking off these dishes one by one.

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Your tastebuds will thank you over and over again.

Brooklyn Lounge

Dude Food Perth - Brooklyn Lounge - mac and cheese
Source: @brooklynlounge – Brooklyn Lounge Mac and Cheese

Imagine a world where buffalo wings and mac and cheese decided to team up and create something truly beautiful.

The result is an ultra-impressive, oozy and gooey bowl of absolutely deliciousness. Sure it might be artery-clogging, but it’s also soul-soothing, and you’ll be on cloud nine as you dive into this bite after bite.

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Find Brooklyn Lounge in Claremont, slinging out some seriously decadent American food with great beverages to match.

Smash Burger BBQ

Dude Food Perth - Smash Burger BBQ
Source: @smashburgerbbq

You’ll need to jump onto Smash Burger BBQ’s Instagram or Facebook page to keep track of where to find this legendary pop up in Perth, but the extra effort is oh so worth it in our opinion.

These guys are pumping out some of the best dude food around, with the likes of double wagyu cheeseburgers, brisket and their cherry pie. Find them at the likes of bowls clubs, footy clubs and pubs around town – and make sure you wear extra stretch pants because you’re going to want to try it all.

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The crispy edge, fatty burger patties are honestly on a whole other level.

Mack Daddy’s New York Slice

Dude Food Perth - Mack Daddy’s New York Slice

Some may say good things come in small packages, but it’s very much the opposite at Mack Daddy’s New York Slice in Mount Lawley.

With 16 and 22-inch pizzas available, here’s where you need to go big or go home (or just buy big and take it home). These indulgent bites are heaven-sent with their cheesy goodness, and the layers of stretchy mozzarella and slices of pepperoni really bring each bite home. Whether you pop in for a single slice, or you order a giant pie to enjoy with friends, you’ll be in a pizza coma after regardless.

Don’t forget to also get the mozzarella ella ella sticks (hello deep fried cheese) too while you’re at and thank us later.

Greenhorns Bar & Deli

Greenhorns Bar & Deli

This wouldn’t be a dude food guide if it didn’t include some kind of dish that you dip in cheese gravy.

Cue Greenhorns Bar & Deli in Raine Square: the ultimate spot for a truly pleasurable burger bite combined with a Feral Brewing Co beer. Whether you order a normal burger, a buttermilk fried chicken burger or pulled lamb shoulder, it doesn’t matter because you can add on their famed cheese gravy to cater to all your dipping pleasures.

Add on a XXX salted caramel bourbon milkshake and you’ve got yourself a very, very good time.

3230 Smoke & Grill

3230 Smoke & Grill

This definitely ticks the box of Perth’s best dude food.

With a name like the Meatasaurus, there’s no denying this is not for the faint of heart.

Who needs bread when you can have three deep-fried chicken fillets sandwiching sliced beef brisket, a beef patty, swiss and American cheese?

Yes, it’s safe to say, 3230 Smoke & Grill in Como and Jandakot really has blown our mind with this and many of their other creations.

Panda and Co

Panda and Co Spring Rolls
Source: @pandaandcoperth

Real talk here guys: if you haven’t tried Panda and Co’s Rueben spring rolls, you’re seriously missing out.

Crispy, flaky pastry is wrapped around corned beef, swiss cheese and sauerkraut – and comes with a moreish Russian dressing dipping sauce on the side. Yes they’re oh so naughty… but yes, they also can be ordered for breakfast too so you can get your fix first thing in the morning (perfect for soaking up any remnants in your system after a big night prior).


The Peach Pit

Source: @moareatsplz

Get your stomach ready to tackle this one, because it is a feast of epic proportions. Scarborough’s The Peach Pit has welcomed back onto their menu ‘The Pounder’.

450g of meat, cheese, onion and pickle all in one spot: and it is an absolute beast. If you’re struggling to finish this giant dish, at least take solace in the beautiful views of Scarborough beach and the refreshing sea air that wafts by.

Gami Chicken and Beer

Source: @gamiperth

As if the combination of fried chicken and frosty mugs of beer isn’t great enough already, then Gami Chicken and Beer had to go even more crazy with their potato heaven dish.

If you’re asking what makes it so heavenly, the answer is 3 different layers of creamy potato, mozzarella cheese and wedges, drizzled with sweet chilli sauce and sour cream.

It shouldn’t work, it’s ridiculous that it does, and we love every mouthful.

Wassup Dog

Source: @wassup_dog_gourmet_hotdogs

Meat, bun, sauce … do we need to say more?

Move over Bunnings hotdogs (yes they still have a special place in our hearts too), Wassup Dog in East Perth is doing some crazy things with this humble dish and we can’t get enough of it! Start your day with a lamb sanger topped with hollandaise and egg, or head in later in the evening for this cheese and bacon concoction that makes our arteries ache and our stomachs rumble simultaneously.

Thuggs Fried Chicken & Waffles

Source: @thuggsfriedchicken

Stacks on stacks of fried chicken, waffles, bacon and maple syrup definitely tick the box for dude food, and that’s what you’ll find at Leederville’s Thuggs Fried Chicken & Waffles.

The hiphop beats are always cranking, and there’s some good people watching spots to perch at while you munch your way through the meal. Whether it’s this dish or one of their other signatures like their naughty by nachos (yes it’s a collaboration of fried chicken and nachos), you’ll be left nodding your head to the tunes while feeling stuffed to the brim.

After eating any of these and if you have somehow ticked all these off you might need to lace up your sneakers and walk off Peth’s best dude food eats over Perth’s best walks and hikes.

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