Exploring the Swan Valley Roadside

West Swan Road in the Swan Valley is home to many roadside vendors. Get your veg shopping done on the way home from the Swan Valley.

Exploring the Swan Valley Roadside

West Swan Road in the Swan Valley is home to many roadside vendors. Get your veg shopping done on the way home from the Swan Valley.
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Swan Valley Roadside Vendors.

The Swan Valley is well known for its many wineries and restaurants, but there’s plenty to see when driving between venues on the way to your next tasting. While there’s a definite focus on local fruit & veg, there are plenty of other goodies to try on the go or take home to enjoy later.

Here’s just a few of the vendors you can find as you’re driving along – or perhaps just a little to the side – of West Swan Road.

Swan Valley Sisters

This little shed out the front of Edgecombe Brothers winery is where we start our journey. It’s had a few different identities over the years, but it’s still home to some great local produce.

The business is owned by sisters Tara and Ann-Marie – hence the name – who live on the property with their combined five daughters! Situated on 5 acres, the business also includes chalets and was bought from Edgecombe in 2017.

The majority of their produce is sourced from local farms with a strong focus on organic and bio-dynamic. It’s a fun, community-focused place to shop. Visit on a Sunday and they might even crank up the record player…

Urbanistar Cafe

I didn’t expect to find a decent cup of coffee from a drive-through roadside vendor until I stumbled upon Urbanistar. Part of Albion on Swan, the cafe serves food, pastries and coffee.

Operating for 18 months, manager and barista Lee blends his own coffee from single origin Ethiopian, Columbian and Java beans. The end-result is certainly good enough to compete with more traditional cafes so shouldn’t be overlooked if you’re in need of some caffeine.

Keller’s Bed & Breakfast

Keller’s B&B Farmstay, run by husband and wife Philipp and Marija, is located just off West Swan Road and has a small “shop” at the front that offers something for everyone.

The most popular product is their free range eggs, with customers regularly coming from south of the river to stock up.

With Marija’s unique “marbled sourdough”, her Dad’s legendary “Bad Ass Chilli Sauce”, fresh fruit & veg, house-made jams, syrups and muesli there’s plenty of reasons to stop for a chat.

Vintage Grape Varieties, Melons and More…

Founded in 1979, this family business\specialises in old vintage grape varieties such as muscat that you can’t easily find in the shops any more.

Watermelons are another popular item, and having been around for so long over 90% of the customers are regulars (so you know it’s good!)

Welcome you all Mate – Mira

This curiously named family-run stall has been open for 30 years, although it has a much longer history having been bought from the next-door neighbours who had it for 70 years before.

Grapes are the most popular item, although they offer some different produce such as figs, corn and garlic. The stall doesn’t sell to markets, so produce is guaranteed to be as fresh as possible.

Watermelons, Pumpkins…

Sometimes there’s no need for a fancy name when your sign says it all.

This unassuming vendor has been growing pumpkins and melons behind their shed for over 10 years, so they must be doing something right. Selling from just $1 a kilo, this is a great way to get your veg shopping done on the way home.

So don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled when you’re driving through the Swan Valley. Vendors change frequently – sometimes daily – so you never know what you’ll find. Don’t be afraid to follow your nose when you see an interesting sign, either!