WA’s Best Pre-Packaged Non-Alcoholic Beverages And Where To Find Them

Your guide to the best West Australian 0% beers, wines, and spirits.

WA’s Best Pre-Packaged Non-Alcoholic Beverages And Where To Find Them

Your guide to the best West Australian 0% beers, wines, and spirits.
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Non-alcoholic beverages have exploded in popularity in Australia and across the world. 

The best non-alcoholic drinks are now indistinguishable from their alcoholic counterparts. They have all the flavour of your favourite beverages as well as the added health benefits of cutting out alcohol. 

If you’re looking for low or zero alternatives to beer and liquor but just haven’t found the right fit, this list will surely assist. Alternatively, if you’ve already started your sober journey, these beverages might entice you to try something new.

Gage Roads ‘Yeah Buoy’

A group of people holding their cans of Yeah Buoy non-alcoholic beer together / non-alcoholic beverages
Cheers to non-alcoholic beer | Gage Roads

Non-alcoholic beer is one of the most readily found non-alcoholic beverages. The ‘Yeah Buoy XPA’ is a beer ready for you to enjoy anytime and anywhere, with zero consequences. Expect gentle tropical flavours of papaya, peach, and apricot packaged into a refreshing, medium-bodied non-alcoholic beer. It’s everything a summer beer should be. 

Shelter Brewery ‘Big Splash Pale’

Are you looking for a crisp tropical drink with a satisfying bitter finish? Look no further than Shelter Brewing Co’s ‘Big Splash Pale’. This non-alcoholic beer was crafted both to keep up with the alcohol-free trend and to keep carefree summer days in mind. The zesty, crisp, and clean blend pairs perfectly with a 30+ degree day and is so moreish you’ll want to keep diving back into the can. 

Lightning Minds Pale Ale

Two cans of Lightning Minds Pale Ale in the beach sand, next to the beer carton / non-alcoholic beverages
The perfect beach companion | Lightning Minds

Perth-born Micheal Payne founded Lightning Minds to encourage a more positive and balanced lifestyle for everyone after his own alcohol-related incident. The beer is a classic take on the American pale ale, the tropical hops balanced by assertive bitterness and a well-rounded malt character. Whether you want to drop the drinks entirely or want a refreshing break, Lightning Minds is there for you, bringing health and happiness to your life. 

OVANT Distillations

A bottle of OVANT 'The Royal' next to a block of Bahen and Co Chocolate. Someone is reaching for a piece of chocolate / non-alcoholic beverages
Clean, classy, and no regrets | OVANT

This trio of non-alcoholic ‘spirits’ was created by West Australian local Tom Streitberg in collaboration with his friend Christopher Bothwell — ex-head at three-Michelin starred Alain Ducasse. Being raised around the world-famous vineyards of Margret river, Streitberg’s creations are inspired by his home. 

‘Grace’ is an interpretation of your classic gin. On the front of the palate, enjoy a bold juniper taste. It’s followed by warming ginger and ends with fresh citrus tanginess. It’s perfectly paired with tonic. 

‘The Royal’ is more similar to your dark spirits. While the taste is familiar, it also brings a subtle difference from what you would expect. Enjoy it over ice, neat, or head to the OVANT cocktail library for endless options on how to spice up this beverage.

The final option is ‘Verve’, an uplifting ‘aperitif’ that will have you making Aperol spritz all afternoon. A strong scent of lemon myrtle is joined with a punch of pepper. It’s calmed by fragrant tulsi basil giving this drink a perfect level of complexity. 

Want More?   

Dedicated non-liquor stores are popping up all over Perth, giving the sober-curious plenty of options for their next barbecue or dinner party.

Tomorrow On Tap

This specialist non-alcoholic bottle shop by sommelier Rachael Niall (ex-Budburst) will be opening at Bulwer Plaza by the end of January. 

Niall’s idea behind Tomorrow On Tap was to give people who don’t want to participate in drinking an option, even to give those who do drink the chance to see what it feels like to sip on something that tastes great with no consequences the next day. Expect to see West Australian 0% drinks on the shelves, as well as powerhouses in the industry, NON, Heaps Normal, and Noot.

Free Spirit Drink Co. 

Adrian Allier’s primary goal heading into this venture was to find a way to make a positive impact on people’s lives. Discovering the mammoth scope that the non-alcoholic world has created, he wanted to give people a chance to try a new lifestyle. So, aligning with both his personal ethos and the trend of cutting back on drinking alcohol, Allier created Free Spirit Drink Co

Located in Risely Square, Applecross, the 0% beer, wine, and spirit store is open seven days a week. Can’t make it down to browse? They also offer free shipping to the Perth metropolitan areas on orders over $99.00.

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