Perth’s Best Dumplings: How Well Do You Know Perth’s Dumpling Scene?

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Perth’s Best Dumplings: How Well Do You Know Perth’s Dumpling Scene?

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Where to find Perth's best dumplings? You have come to the right place.

Where to find Perth’s best dumplings? You have come to the right place.

Steamed. Fried. Boiled. Modern or traditional. There’s lots to love about dumplings – and it’s not just food for Sundays. They’re the kind of feel good bites that have us all swooning. Whether accompanied by slivers of ginger, lashings of chilli oil or a salty soy sauce kick, its Chinese comfort food at it’s best.

And we’ve got the scoop on where to find Perth’s best versions so all you need to do is pick your joint, bring stretchy pants and get eating.

Authentic Bites Dumpling House

Arguably the best xiao long bao (soup filled dumplings) in Perth, we couldn’t start this list with anyone else BUT Authentic Bites. Perfectly steamed, they come to the table piping hot upon order and you definitely need to mind your tongue when you bite in because hot soup comes spilling out. Traditionally the juicy pork ones are the way to go, but this powerhouse joint also offers some varieties that include crab or prawn too.

You can find the Taiwanese style food at Authentic Bites on Newcastle Street in Northbridge, but there’s also a new lunchtime venue at Allendale Square too meaning if you’re central, you can get your hands on those delicious dumplings. Make sure you also try the spicy wontons for a kick in your tastebuds, and the pan-fried dumplings that come together as one which you break apart into 12 separate morsels.

Canton Lane

Perth's Best Dumplings: How Well Do You Know Perth’s Dumpling Scene?
Source: @queenofbadtiming

When you think about dumplings, your mind doesn’t normally immediately go to Belmont as a location. But let me tell you, there’s seriously incredible stuff happening here at Canton Lane. The hoards of people lining up outside each weekend should be enough to tell you this. But don’t let that turn you off, the staff there operate the restaurant like a well-oiled machine. A ticketing system secures your booking on arrival, and once you’re seated the food streams past you on platters or trolleys for you to ogle and select. And if you’re anything like me, you do this hard and fast – usually with the ‘eyes bigger than stomach’ approach.

They have the line-up of usual suspects: siu mai (pork and prawn dumplings), fried squid, Shanghai dumplings and egg tarts. But they also have some that you don’t see much in other venues like prawn and coriander dumplings or deep fried yam dumplings. Plus if you’re the kind of person who enjoys the super polarising durian, they are very well known for their dessert puffs featuring the controversial fruit. My pick beyond what’s mentioned? Get the chicken and mushroom pies which are baked into a gorgeous Chinese style lard pastry that will have you begging for more.

Dragon Palace

If you hail from North of the River, you’ll know all too well the pains of having no great Chinese joints to dine at. But that’s all changed now with Northbridge and Cockburn’s popular mainstay Dragon Palace opening their doors in Joondal up too meaning hungry weekend dim sum goers don’t need to travel to the central suburbs to get their dumpling fix.

You’re bound to have seen many diners awaiting out front of Dragon Palace on Francis Street: the two-story restaurant sending people through it’s doors like a tide ebbing and flowing. Hong Kong style crispy radish cake, fried prawn wontons and steamed plain prawn dumplings are all the go tos here. And don’t forget about the steamed char siu bao – which are the barbecue pork buns which feature roasted meat coated in a sticky sweet glaze.

Canton Bay

I knew when I started writing this list I wanted to round it out with the gem that is Canton Bay in Northbridge. It has lots of competitors nearby, but it stands out thanks to it’s freshly made dumplings and diversity of dishes available. Plus it’s been there for what feels like forever, so it has built up quite the reputation which sees customers returning time and time again.

Okay, okay maybe it’s cheating since I’m told it’s the same owners as Canton Lane, but hey when the food is this good I don’t think it hurts anyone being listed twice. The scallop dumplings actually contain scallop (can you believe it) and pack a punch, especially when dipped in chilli oil which clings needily to your bite. Follow that up with the football fried chicken and dried shrimp dumplings, and the baked bbq pork buns. It’s all good. No scratch that, it’s great. And when washed down with some Chinese tea, you feel yourself preparing for the next round of orders all over again.

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