The 10 Best WA Gins You Haven’t Tried Yet

best wa gins - dune distilling
We bring you the best WA gins you've probably never tried before

The 10 Best WA Gins You Haven’t Tried Yet

We bring you the best WA gins you've probably never tried before
best wa gins - dune distilling
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10 unique WA gins that you will totally GINjoy.

We like to consider ourselves some pretty knowledgeable ginthusiasts here at So Perth, so we thought we better share our love for all things gin by rounding up the best local WA distilleries we just can’t get enough of. 

Floral tones, botanical wonders, sweet pinks, savoury mixes and zings of citrus – the flavours of WA are thrown into the spotlight with each bottle encapsulating our glorious state. From homegrown garden botanicals to custom copper stills and creative boundary-pushing, expand your gin horizons with the best of the best from our own backyard. 

All totally unique and all totally delicious, you’ll find it hard to stop at one glass.


Flora & Citrus

bombak- best wa gins

Crafted with native WA botanicals, Bombak distils their gin using the more traditional roots of the ‘one-shot’ method, which many gin purists would argue is the only way to do it. 

Their beautiful Flora Gin will transport you to West Aussie bushlands with an insanely unique scent reminiscent of wet bottlebrush and eucalyptus. It uses native species such as Geraldton Wax, Sweet Peppermint Leaf and Bottlebrush for a herbaceous flavour you can’t get anywhere else. 

Pair It With: Geraldton wax, rosemary and tonic

The Citrus Gin gives subtle, earthy citrus notes with sweet undertone hints that will linger in your mouth well after you’re finished. 

Pair It With: Dehydrated lemon, rosemary and tonic

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Esperance Distillery Co 

Middle Island Pink Gin

esperance distillery co- best wa gins

People go to the ends of the earth to find something unique, but Esperance Distillery Co need only venture into their own backyard. 

Inspired by salty hair, sandy feet and empty white beaches, the father and son team distil their gins straight from bush to bottle using local native botanicals for a taste unique to Esperance- they even grow their own in their home garden.

The Middle Island Pink Gin uses three native botanicals: Esperance Wax, Lemon Bush and Rosella. It hits that sweet spot on balmy nights with hand-forged ingredients and a beautiful light pink colour that looks as good as it tastes. It’s also produced with particular care taken for the environment- massive tick!

Pair It With: Tonic and florals

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Wild Road Spirits

Citrus Mistress

wild road spirits- best wa gins

Established in 2020, Wild Road Spirits push the boundaries of conventional gin with their handcrafted and unique blends featuring locally sourced botanicals and production happening right here in Perth. 

Their Citrus Mistress is a real treat- a bold and refined madame with intense grapefruit and lime peel balanced out by herbaceous sage, rosemary and notes of Tasmanian pepperberry. It’s a contemporary flavour profile with juniper taking the backseat, allowing for the earthy tones to dance delicately in with the sweet citrus.

She’ll leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. 

Pair It With: Fever-Tree Mediterranean tonic and grapefruit

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AmberChes Spirits Distillery


amberches spirits distillery- best wa gins

Beautiful hints of Juniper and botanicals hit you on first whiff, and one sip brings you the subtle flavours of apple, elderflower and florals in a glorious mix. 

AmberChes Spirits is a family-run distillery specialising in handcrafting award-winning contemporary gins.

Their Botanical gin isn’t just a winner to us, it’s also claimed gold in the 2021 Australian Gin Awards and Global Gin Masters. Distilled with junipers, elderflower, apple and other botanicals, it’s Summer in a bottle- and we’re loving it. 

Pair It With: Fever Tree Mediterranean or Fever Tree Elderflower and a slice of apple.

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Outback Gin

wise- best wa gins

Discover the delights of small run distilling at Wise

Their team drove around Western Australia to handpick botanicals only grown in local outback towns for a truly unique gin that brings the taste of true WA into your glass.

The Outback Gin is made with beautiful botanicals such as Juniper, Angelica Root, West Australian Sandalwood, Lemon Myrtle, Nutmeg, Caraway Seed and more. What results is a full and smooth flavour with a dry juniper backbone that’s complemented by fresh wild-flowers with a touch of bush and liquorice spice. 

Pair It With: Tonic and a slice of lemon

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Sin Gin

Perth Pink 

sin gin-best wa gins

Since we love Perth so much, we’re pleased to see there’s a gin giving a nod to our great city. 

Sin Gin is a Nano distillery creating its signature ranges that include the Seven Deadly Sins in the Swan Valley. They are unique, tasty and fun with products sourced from the local Western Australian environment. 

Perth Pink is finely crafted to give you a sweet hit with Strawberry Gum, Lemon Myrtle and Rosella flowers for a gorgeous gin fix. 

Pair It With: Soda, tonic or lemonade and garnish with a fresh strawberry.

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Dune Distilling

Pink Grapefruit Gin & Lime & Green Tea Gin

dune distillery- best wa gins

You’ve probably heard of Black Brewing Co, but did you know they’ve got their own range of gins with Dune Distilling

They’ve got two totally unique blends that are a must-try for any gin lover. 

The Pink Grapefruit Gin is kicking off Summer with local pink grapefruit paired alongside coriander seed and juniper. The signature to this blend is a juicy orange and zesty lemon rind infusion.

Pair It With: Indian Tonic, a wedge of pink grapefruit and a sprig of rosemary

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Their limited edition Lime & Green Tea gin combines citrus, menthol and eucalyptus balanced with local zesty limes and green tea with a herbaceous heat on the finish.

Pair It With: Capi tonic for a classic G&T

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Berry Bliss Gin

Smooth, bold and flavoursome, the gins from OMG are handcrafted in Gidgegannup using natural ingredients and a whole lotta love. 

Soft and slightly sweet, the Berry Bliss is an absolute crowd pleaser- and for good reason. The blend of strawberries, raspberries and a dash of blueberry makes for a delightfully refreshing hit in your next G&T. Can we also take a moment for the vibrant violet colour- derived from butterfly pea flowers, it for sure stands out on our evergrowing gin shelf.

Pair It With: Tonic and fresh berries

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HHH Distill

Wax Lyrical Blue

triple h - best wa gins

HHH built its reputation in Australia for designing and building custom copper stills that provide the perfect tool for their craft distilled spirits, and have distillers all around Australia lining up to get their hands on one. 

Sitting in the heart of Bickley Valley, owner Hilton built his dream distillery from the ground up- and you can bet the same amount of labour and love goes into perfecting his gin. 

The Wax Lyrical Blue is a delightful savoury and dry mix with Blue Butterfly Pea flower and Geraldton Wax. The pea flower is infused post distillation for a delightful blue colour that changes to pink when you add tonic. 

Pair It With: Tonic water, freshly squeezed lime juice and fresh herbs.

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Republic Of Freo 

Full-Bodied & Aromatic

republic of freo - best wa gins

The Republic of Fremantle is a craft distillery in the heart of Freo’s historic west end. They’re doing things differently with their distilling process- sourcing wine from 100-year-old Verdelho grapevines in the Swan Valley in Western Australia, to distil into vodka and then gin. 

The Full-Bodied Gin is classic dry style with bold herbal and peppery flavours, finished off with a hint of spice in one smooth sip. 

Pair It With: Vermouth-based cocktails

For the ultimate refreshing drink, get your lips around their Aromatic Gin. A contemporary citrus style blend that is bursting with aromatic and zesty flavours while holding hints of floral undertones. 

Pair It With: Tonic and a slice of green apple

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