The South West is filled with some of the nation’s top off-road cycling trails.

It’s easy to go into cruise control over the summer period. After all, there’s the lure of lazing by many of Australia’s South West world-class beaches and cruises themselves. But maybe its time to shift gears with your lazy summertime game and give those leg muscles a workout.

Swap the swimmers for lycra, and saddle up for a two-wheel adventure off-road. The South West is filled with some of the nation’s top off-road cycling trails, from beginners those who can master a mountain bike.

Let it be time to reroute the GPS and go off-road as we reveal Australia’s South West’s best off-road cycling trails. 

Munda Biddi Trail

Expect your legs to be tired conquering this epic trail – that’s if you make all 1000 km stretch of it! The Munda Biddi Trail is one of the world’s lengthiest off-road trails, starting from the hills in Kalamunda, Perth to Albany. The path is a scenic one, with natural skyscrapers karri forests and eucalyptus trees, untainted wilderness and various wildflowers fringing this remote trail.

Need not to worry if your legs can’t make even a tenth of the stretch as there are many access points along the route, so choose your cycling destiny along this marathon trail.

Skill level: Varying difficulty

Ellen Cove to Albany Port

Easy like a Sunday morning is what the Ellen Cove to Albany Port trail is.

This 6 km dual-use cycle pathway suits those who are up for a mini-adventure and without committing themselves to a full day on the bike. This easy-going ride is a great way to soak up Albany’s coastline and may even tempt you to level up for the next trail.

Skill level: Easy

Relentless Blue, Pemberton Mountain Bike Park

For those experienced and technical mountain bikers, this is the trail for you. Pemberton’s Relentless Blue lives up to its namesake with its almost videogame sounding obstacles – a log mountain, log rollovers, wall rides and earth berms.


Under the shadows of the Karri forest, the challenging trail ascends the hillside that overlooks Pemberton Pool – the perfect pit stop for some respite on the bike.

After giving your legs an extensive work out uphill, its all south from here with the trail encompassing cross-country sections that lead to the banks of Swimming Pool Brook.

Skill level: Difficult 

Railway Run XC Trail, Pemberton Mountain Bike Park

If you want to have a fairly easy cruise in Pemberton Mountain Park, Railway Run XC Trail is there for you to make leisurely tracks. 

With a distance just shy of 2 km, this trail offers tight turns through trees and a fast run, next to a railway line. 

Skill level: Easy

Sika Trail, Wellington National Park

Set aside half a day to conquer this forested 10 km trail in Wellington National Park. This dual mountain bike and walk trail starts from Wellington Dam kiosk, winding through marri, jarrah and blackbutt forests to return to the kiosk.

If wanting to venture a little bit further, it is 6 km from the kiosk to reach popular natural attraction, Collie’s Honeymoon Pool. 

Skill level: Intermediate

Old Timberline, Nannup

Spare your Sunday for a full day of pedal power. The Old Timberline Trail stretches 22 km, traversing an old road and railway line used to remove wood from the jarrah forest and a windswept walk trail. 

Skill level: Easy

Wadandi Track, Margaret River

Formally known as ‘Rails to Trails’, this 23 km trail showcases some of Australia’s South West’s most compelling inland landscapes including the region’s native flora and fauna, agricultural land, towering wilderness, vineyards and granite outcrops. 

The trail also helps to showcase the region’s heritage, linking the former Busselton to Flinders Bay Railway dating back to the 1880s.

Skill level: Varying difficulty

Bloody Mary, Pemberton Mountain Bike Park

It may be just over 1 km in length however Bloody Mary may leave you cursing as you navigate this trail with great difficulty. This challenging trail travels through an old-growth karri forest and features technical obstacles that will overjoy a thriller chaser on two wheels.

Skill level: Very difficult

The Pines, Bramley Forest, Margaret River

Up your bike game in the south as some of WA’s top mountain biking trails can be found on the fringes of the Margaret River township. The Pines’ eight-kilometre path features table-top jumps, single-track descents and earth berms.


Skill level: Difficult

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