Meelup Beach Picnic

Relax At The South West’s Most Scenic Picnic Spots

List of WA's South West most relaxing picnic spots.
Meelup Beach Picnic
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The South West’s most scenic picnic spots to throw your rug.

Going ‘down south’ for a mini-getaway doesn’t mean your bank account has too. In fact, let the experience of going down south be a priceless one.

Australia’s South West has plenty of scenic picnic spots perfect for a DIY feasting session amongst the region’s most diverse landscapes. With an array of gourmet treats and seasonal produce steadily available en route, you can almost be forgiven into going into indecisive mode on what else to add to your picnic basket.

To make these life decisions easier for you, we have mapped out the best spots to enjoy a budget-friendly picnic in the south west’s nature-rich scenery.

Surfers Point, Prevelly

Hit up the Margs’ coast to be treated to pro views. Surfers Point provides epic 180-degree views of the Indian Ocean and free entertainment in the form of surfers’ icing the cake’ along with Margaret River’s world-class breaks.

Picnic along with its vast grassy areas or get closer downstairs to hit the beach below. Margaret River’s pinnacle spot leaves you both in awe of its encompassing coastal beauty and the skillset of pro surfers riding the waves. The blissful sunset is the added bonus, naturally.

Black Diamond Lake, Collie

A rare jewel in Australia’s South West is one of WA’s top Intagrammable spots, Black Diamond Lake. Sitting 5 km west of Collie, this former open-cut mine has been given a new lease on life as a picturesque ‘bluest of the blue’ lake, ever satisfying snap-happy folk.

Get active post picnic feed with water sports (SUP, canoeing, kayaking, inflatables) along the lake but be sure to check the water quality before making the splash.


Lake Beedelup, Beedelup (Karri Valley)

Feel small in the presence of towering karri, jarrah and marri trees fringing along the edges of the ever-still Lake Beedelup. This spot proves to be an enchanting one to throw down the rug or cook up a BBQ while marvelling at how almost postcard-like the scenery is. RAC Karri Valley Resort and Lakeside Restaurant also sit along the fringes of the lake, perfect if in need of a caffeine hit or a drop of a local wine when the weather cools down.

If you are up for an adventure post picnic, there are nearby hiking trails to explore, including a trek to nearby Beedelup Falls. If you want to play along the lake, RAC Karri Valley Resort has kayaks available for hire.

Castle Rock, Porongurup National Park

Have a picnic that rocks! Perched in granite-strewn Porongurup Range is Castle Rock Picnic Area, a serene base for the colossal adventure that lies ahead – the Granite Skywalk. Embracing the massive granite outcrop Castle Rock, the Granite Skywalk is an engineering marvel and features two lookout points.

Work off your feed by trekking two kilometres from the picnic area, passing through jarrah, karri and marri woodlands to reach the lower lookout of Castle Rock. 

If game enough and the sense of adventure is calling you name, go further to reach the upper lockout, scrambling rocks and climbing a six-metre ladder to have sweeping views of Albany, Mount Gardener, Mount Manypeaks, the Stirling Range and beyond. Here you can fully appreciate both nature and engineering feats working in unison for incredible vistas of the southwest.  

Meelup Beach, Margaret River

Different shades of blue and green are to be seen at Margaret River’s prime swimming locale, Meelup Beach. Meelup Beach has both the goods of shady, well-grassed areas complimented with a pristine white sandy beach and calm turquoise waters. 

Make its shoreline your new favourite sporting ground the beach is wide and flat enough for beach activities to be played so whip out the cricket bat or up your Finska game. 


Honeymoon Pool, Collie

Hello, wilderness. Far from the beach, Collie’s Honeymoon Pool is about romancing with nature (and maybe a hot date!). Peppermint trees and jarrah, marri and karri eucalypts trees populate this charming spot along the Collie River, heightening the senses more so. 

There is a wooden deck area that partially extends over the water, offering additional views and stair access to the river for more playful times in the water.

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