Watch our webinar with Birchal as we discuss our plans for 2021.

For those who are our regular readers, you will be aware that we are currently taking part in a Crowdfunding raise through Birchal.

The success of our crowdfunding is with you our community and the public as we look to raise funds to continue to grow our current assets (So Perth, So Binge and So Where Next) while expanding into Melbourne, Sydney and eSport markets.

To do this we need our community to back us and to come on board and become shareholders in So Media Group – allowing all of us to go on the journey together as we strive to become Australia’s number one new media company.


Watch: So Media Group – Birchal Webinar

While it is quite a long video (slightly over an hour) we (Adam Barrell Founder and CEO and Jason Balchand COO) will take you through the origin story as to how So Perth and So Media Group came to be, where or company is currently and the phased approach we will take after our successful crowdfunding raise has completed – plus Q&A from potential investors.


We are excited about the path ahead for 2021 and we’d love for you our readers to be a part of it.

To learn more and to register your interest in becoming a shareholder in So Media Group from as little as $50 visit our Birchal campaign page today.

Register your interest: So Media Group – One of Australia’s Fastest Growing New Media Networks