Perth’s Best Bubble Tea: What’s Your Flavour

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What’s your flavour? Tell us what’s your bubble tea flavour!

Since originating in the 1980s in Taiwan, this deliciously delightful beverage of tea and chewy sago balls has grown in popularity – and now we’re finding ourselves completely spoiled for choice in Perth for Bubble Tea.

Whether you’re a traditionalist who loves a milky tea with tapioca, or you’re getting a sugar fix with slivers of jelly, this list has you covered.

Perth’s Best Bubble Teas


Perth Bubble Tea - Presotea

With 14 different WA stores, Presotea is a well-known bubble tea offering that has a high-quality product offering with so many different options to choose from.

To make things even more enticing, these guys have an app that allows you to order ahead of time to skip the line and collect in person – and if they often have top-up specials where you’ll get bonus funds when you load credit into the app.

For even more incentive, you can forget the loyalty card because the app will have you covered, earning you free drinks as you go.

The hot pick? We love the green apple green tea with grape jelly or the Okinawa brown sugar milk tea. Choose your ice level, your sugar level and always go for the large because once you start, you definitely can’t stop. 

Gong Cha

The name Gong Cha means the act of offering tea to the Emperor in ancient China, which was said to be the best quality collected in the kingdom.

Here in Perth, there’s a city store and one in Carousel, and they’re slinging out their signature milk foam green tea, yoghurt drinks or creative mixes to bubble tea fans young and old.

Their selection of toppings has the likes of brown crystal jelly, aloe vera, herbal jelly and even pudding! Turn your beverage into a dessert and you’ll tick all your craving boxes.

Rice Baby

Bubble Tea Perth - Rice Baby
Source: @ricebabyau

You might not expect to find tasty bubble tea at a restaurant, but Rice Baby in Subiaco is here to prove you wrong.


While you’re munching down on the likes of dumplings, duck spring rolls or salted fish fried rice, make sure you order their bubble tea. You can choose from the likes of peach, passionfruit or lychee tea, and customise your toppings.

The lychee boba is a must order – they burst in your mouth and provide an oh so satisfying sugar rush that will leave you begging for me.


With tea leaves sourced from the ancient Wuyi Mountain tea traders, Chaffic (found in Perth and Fremantle Markets) have perfected the craft of bubble tea in our opinion.

They use real, quality fruit for a fresh and delicious taste – and you can taste the difference in every sip. Try something different and get the silky tofu topping inside, or indulge in a thick, creamy yoghurt blend with flavours like dragonfruit, strawberry, mango, oats or grapefruit.

And for added bonus points – they are oh so Instagrammable too with the cutest packaging.


Northbridge’s Korean dessert café Hanabing doesn’t just have bubble tea on their menu, they’re also attracting the masses with their bingsu, premium soft gelato and hot Korean desserts too.

Try their fresh flower tea (with cute names like summer dream), or a starlight ade drink. And while you might not think a cheese cloud on top sounds particularly appetising, it’s actually so yum.

Step outside the box and treat your palate to some experimental flavours you might not normally taste – you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Upperhand Burgers

Burgers and bubble tea? No, you’re not dreaming.

Who knew that this combination would actually be a match made in heaven? Upperhand Burgers in Swanbourne have some intensely incredible Taiwanese style menu items to eat, juicy burgers and of course boba (another name for bubble tea).

Choose your tea base, your size, flavour and ‘uppers’ – sago, jelly or popping pearls and you’ve got yourself an utterly memorable beverage.

There’s room to dine in the store, but we recommend you head on to the back garden area to soak up some sunshine while munching your way through their savoury dishes.


Utopia Bubble Tea
Source: @bubble.xae

Utopia was the first bubble tea company to open in Western Australia, and they’ve continued to reign supreme as one of the favourites to this day.


Their most popular drinks include some interesting offerings like purple taro milk tea, honeydew milk tea and more traditional ones such as lychee tea, milk tea and more.

The stores have some great birthday cakes, cookies or pastries to enjoy which brings to life Taiwan’s café and dessert culture. Plus, for those of you love your tunes, their Northbridge store is also a karaoke joint so you can sip and sing your heart out!

Honey Creme

While you’ll likely be tempted to dive into Honey Crème’s dreamy soft-serve desserts (and we don’t blame you), these guys also have an epic fruit tea and bobo milk series to choose from too.

With cheese fruit teas on their menu (hello sweet and salty in one), each mouthful is like drinking a cheesecake and you’ll be left ultra-refreshed and happy too.

We recommend you try their decadent bobo brulee milk tea too, which is happiness in a cup… they say it’s one of the best things on their menu, and we have to agree.

Chew those tapioca pearls to your heart’s content, then savour each sugary sip until your cup is dry.

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