WWE Elimination Chamber Perth: Elimination Chamber Delivered In Every Way

WWE Elimination Chamber Perth - Rhea Ripley

WWE Elimination Chamber Perth: Elimination Chamber Delivered In Every Way

WWE Elimination Chamber Perth - Rhea Ripley
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One of the world’s biggest entertainment acts rumbled into Perth this Saturday with WWE Elimination Chamber halfway across the world to our Optus Stadium. With 52,000+ packed to the rafters, was the show a winner or down for the count?

As a lifelong wrestling fan, this has been a surreal chain of events. I cannot emphasise enough how remarkable a show of this magnitude being in Perth is. Sure, Perth had WWE here before a fair few times over the years but these were smaller scale non-televised events. This is the Elimination Chamber. A big-time “Live Premium Event” that aired live worldwide. The last stop on the road to the legendary Wrestlemania. This one counts and goes into the record books. WWE hasn’t even held an event of this scale outside North America or Europe. Ever. This is wild.

This city has been buzzing all week. The mythical WWE superstars have made their long journey to our humble city and have been taking in the sights, making appearances and showing the rest of the world just how gorgeous our home is. The WWE Superstore popped up in Forrest Chase to, frankly, ridiculous queues and crowds and daily sellouts. The electricity has been in the air as the fans pour in from interstate and overseas.

The weekend kicked off with The Undertaker’s One Deadman Show at the almost too-perfect venue, Fremantle Prison. A packed house took it in as this legend regaled us with old road stores and anecdotes from more than 30 years in and out of the ring. This man stayed in character for his entire career. To see him be just a guy now and tell old war stories was genuinely fascinating and we hung on every word. Not to mention pranking WWE legend and current boss man, Triple H, and getting him out on stage unexpectedly. Again, I sat there grinning like an idiot thinking “How is this happening here in WA?”.

Smash cut to Saturday afternoon as we did the classic walk up to Optus we’ve done for the footy a million times. In the distance, we could hear the WWE team testing the sound systems and practising their grand entrance. Again. Surreal.

The Optus Stadium ground was buzzing with fans all of kinds excitedly streaming in. The merch stands are packed once more. Replica championships on every other shoulder, homemade signs making us chuckle and new friends made in the ever-growing queues. Speculating on the matches, appearances and surprises that await us.

We finally streamed into the arena floor and, lord, the smile on my face. Seeing the ring, the entrance stage and the deadly Elimination Chamber itself was utterly jaw-dropping. This is here and it’s happening.

The pre-show kicked off and the crowd was already live. Chanting, cheering and booing as our favourites and most-hated superstars graced the screens.

Indi Hartwell & Candice Larae v Kabuki Warriors

Finally, the bell rang and we kicked off with Australian-born superstar, Indi Hartwell making her way to the ring. Adorned in our green and gold you could see the emotion on her face as she made her way to the ring. She challenged for the women’s tag team gold with partner Candice Larae against the dominant Kabuki Warriors, Asuka and Kairi. Our girls came up short but damn didn’t we get behind our girl. Indi left to a ridiculous ovation post-match.

What an electric start and this was just the pre-show.

Women’s Elimination Chamber

We rolled into the main show as the cage lowered and the six brave women entered the Elimination Chamber itself. The cheers, boos, oohs, aahs and ohs echoed through Optus Stadium as they battled it out. Newcomer Tiffany Stratton was an unexpected hit with our crowd as she impressed in the match but it was the legendary Becky Lynch who scored the win and booked her ticket to Wrestlemania. I think I had already lost part of my voice singing her theme song on the way to the ring.

WWE Tag Team Championship: The Judgment Day v New Catch Republic

The men’s tag titles were up for grabs next as Englishmen Tyler Bate and Pete Dunne challenged The Judgement Day. Thunderous, thunderous boos drowned out everything as Dominik Mysterio attempted to introduce his team. Perth were having none of it and every sight of him during the match brought the same energy. Chants of “Dom is a wanker” rang through the stadium and so many middle fingers the broadcast had to briefly drop the feed. Wear that like a badge of honour, Perth! The villains prevailed as Finn and Damien scored the win but it was an action-packed and fun bout.

Seth Rollins & Cody Rhodes

A change of pace next as we were welcomed to the “Grayson Waller Effect”, a live chat show in the middle of the ring. Typically disdained worldwide our host, Waller himself, is Sydney-born and returned to home soil to a thunderous ovation. With the flag draped over himself, he smashed a shoey on the way to the ring. Our man. Joining him were the World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins and the biggest fan favourite in the industry, The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes. Their entrances alone, the sheer spectacle of fire, pyrotechnics and epic crowd singalongs were worth the price of admission themselves. 

Grayson stirred the spot and his mate, Austin Theory, caught the brunt of it as he got the obligatory beat down from the good guys to send us off happy for another singalong on the way out. Grin is still glued to my face.

Men’s Elimination Chamber

The chamber lowered again as the star-studded Men’s Elimination Chamber kicked off. Drew McIntyre and LA Knight kicked things off to the raucous crowd’s delight. Things built and built as Kevin Owens, Bobby Lashley, Randy Orton and the utterly hated Logan Paul joined the fray. Logan getting drowning boos for his every act. A stunning dive from the cage briefly wowed the crowd but was then met with a loud “YOU STILL SUCK” chant. Love it. In an act of spite we can all admire, AJ Styles flew 20 hours across the world to stop his rival LA Knight from scoring a victory in a genuine surprise. His presence in Perth was not known at all in the lead-up. Imagine seething your way halfway across the world. Villainous Scott, McIntyre weaselled his way into the win and set his sights on the world title next month at WrestleMania.

WWE CCO, Triple H unexpectedly hit the ring to bows of unworthiness from the crowd. He thanked Perth for hosting this event and our beautiful hospitality. He announced an Elimination Chamber record crowd of 52,590. What a massive turnout that made me damn proud of my city and the fans for coming out. Here’s hoping it gets us another one, one day,

Women’s World Championship: Rhea Ripley v Nia Jax

Finally, it was time for the main event. Our girl, Women’s World Champion and Aussie Eradicator, Rhea Ripley enters the arena to a deafening ovation. This show is her moment and centred on her title defence on home soil. The atmosphere was incredible as she made her way to the ring and held the gold aloft in the ring. Hated heel and powerful bruiser, Nia Jax, absolutely took it to our Rhea much to the ire of our patriotic crowd. It was a physical affair with Jax pulverising Ripley through the announcer’s table in classic WWE fashion. 

Some precarious near falls followed until a massive superplex and a brutal Riptide gave Ripley and Australia the win. Tears flowed as she celebrated the win and joined her family, friends and trainers. Ringside. This was everything. The fireworks exploded as her theme music echoed out across the Swan.

WWE Elimination Chamber Perth Highlights

Elimination Chamber delivered in every darn way. A packed house. A hot and loud crowd. Perth showed the world what we’re about. It was still surreal as we filed out. A childhood dream on my doorstep has just finished. Pinch me.

When’s the next one?

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