Perth’s $510 Million Australian Biome Project One Step Closer

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Australian Biome Project – A new tourist attraction is on the cards for Western Australia.

Initially thought to be landing near Crown between Optus Stadium and Crown Towers, Perth Airport has now raised its hands to facilitate the development of the $510 million Australian Biome Project.

Perth Airport is to sign a memorandum of understanding today, setting aside 15 hectares of land within the airport precinct whole the project continues to build its business case.

What is the Biome Project?

The Biome Project is 3 large, dome structures built to showcase the unique climates and environments of Western Australia – bringing all the unique attractions of WA to travelers in one place. Reducing the need for tourists to travel long distances to experience everything WA has to offer.


But it won’t just be the unique flora and fauna of WA on show, the Biome Project will also be a showcase for indigenous culture, with a focus on Dreamtime creation stories, traditional lifestyles, and Aboriginal art to become highlights of the development.

Australian Biome Project Perth Airport Artist Impression

A spokesperson for the Biome Project Adam Barnard states that this project – would supercharge WA Tourism, firmly putting Perth on the map.


“Not only is this a global attraction that will supercharge tourism and create an extraordinary economic windfall for the state, but most importantly, it is an opportunity to change the narrative and our interaction with Aboriginal Australians once and for all.”

“We will build this project, it will be a centre of environmental excellence it will be a place the world wants to see.”

Watch: Australian Biome Project Perth Airport

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