10 Ways To Unlock The Magic Of Esperance In Spring

Visit Esperance In Spring
A guide to Esperance in spring

10 Ways To Unlock The Magic Of Esperance In Spring

A guide to Esperance in spring
Visit Esperance In Spring
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Ah, Esperance. 

A true treasure of Western Australia, standing proud with some of the most pristine, beautiful coastline in the world. It’s a tourist and local favourite for a reason, and though you may be keen to pack the car and get out there for summer it’s equally as gorgeous and enticing during the cooler months of spring when nature is blooming. 

So think about skipping the heaving crowds of summer and enjoy a delightful spring filled with hikes, turquoise waters, island cruises, and flavourful dinners. 

Here are our top reasons to visit Esperance this spring. 

The hiking & walking trails 

esperance - cape le grand
Cape Le Grand

It’s way too hot to take on a jam-packed day of hiking during the sweltering months of summer, so the best time to experience and explore the untouched scenic trails of Esperance is just before that heat hits. 

Whether an experienced bushwalker or looking for a casual stroll, there are hundreds of trails scattered about to suit every type of adventure. Some of the more popular trails include the Kepwari Walk Trail, Dempster Head, Stokes Heritage Trail, Monjingup Lake, The Great Ocean Pathway, or the famous Cape Le Grand trails where you can climb your way to the top of Frenchman Peak for breathtaking panoramic views. 

Plus during spring the colours and flowers will be blooming, so it will truly be picture perfect. 

A stay at the Esperance Chalet Village

esperance - chalet village

We’d challenge you to find accommodation as gorgeous and peaceful as the rooms at Esperance Chalet Village

Generously set across private nature-filled grounds, you’ll awake in the morning to the chirping of birds and roll out of bed for a day of exploring. The Village comprises of A-frame chalets, luxe king shacks, and family-friendly log cabins all with crisp beachy interiors and a hint of old-school charm. 

Complete bliss? You bet. 

The wildlife on an Esperance Island Cruise

No one knows Esperance better than these guys. 

Possibly one of the best ways to experience all the wonders of the Esperance waters, Esperance Diving & Fishing offers scenic wildlife cruises where you can view the coastline, islands, and wildlife like fur seals and bottlenose dolphins up close and personal. 

Departing from Taylor St Jetty, guests cruise the islands of the Recherche Archipelago with knowledgeable guides and snorkelling equipment on deck if you want to see a bit of the underwater world.   

Dinner at Taylor Street Quarters

Located on the shore of Esperance Bay, this family-run restaurant specialises in fine food using fresh and local ingredients sourced by their chefs. 

Taylor Street Quarters menu is a taste of the rugged coastline in Esperance and is constantly evolving with exciting flavours and freshness. Plus they stock a stellar WA dedicated wine list alongside craft beer and cocktails to keep you watered.  

World-class beaches

esperance - esperance beach
Esperance Beach

It’s hard to beat a relaxing day at the beach in Esperance, and you’ll get to experience all their glory with fewer crowds over spring. 

Classed as some of the best in the world, a visit to the shores of beaches like Hellfire Bay, Twilight Bay, Lucky Bay, and Wharton Beach are an absolute must on any tourists bucket list. 

A scenic flight over the coastline

See the coast from up high in a truly memorable life experience. 

Fly Esperance have a heap of packages and bucket list-y adventures on offer, including an air-land package with a flight over the pink waters of Lake Hillier and turquoise scenery of Cape Le Grand followed by half a day on a 4×4 adventure beach driving across Lucky Bay.

And if outdoor adventure isn’t your thing you can jump on a full-day brewery and food tour to awaken the senses. 

Enjoy a pint at Lucky Bay Brewery

esperance - lucky bay brewery
Lucky Bay Brewery

Speaking of breweries and food, Lucky Bay Brewery is one of our absolute favourites.

It’s one of the only WA breweries that use raw barley direct from local farmers to reduce carbon footprint, and their brews are seriously good. Straight from paddock to pint, the craft creations are all made with love and passion and served up alongside a menu of pub fare eats. You could easily relax back here for the entire afternoon without a care.

Travel down Great Ocean Drive

Esperance’s Great Ocean Drive is a circular loop running over 40 km that visitors are able to visit and travel by car.

The spring scenery of Esperance will be laid out in striking colour as you explore stunning beaches, small bays, rocky headlands, cliff faces, and hidden turquoise ocean pools along the road. This is more than just a coastal drive, it’s a must-do when you visit with plenty to experience along the way. 

Marvel at dreamy Lake Hillier

esperance - lake hillier
Lake Hillier

The bubble gum hues of WA’s pink lakes draw international tourists from far and wide, with Lake Hillier being one of the more impressive. 

Although small, it’s still strikingly vibrant compared to the white sand separating it from the deep blue waters of the ocean. It’s located on an island just near Esperance and can be viewed as you fly above or through a guided tour of the island with HeliSpirit. Just be mindful that visitors can’t get too close in an effort to reduce impact. 

Visit Cape Le Grand National Park

esperance - lucky bay roos
Lucky Bay Roos

If you want to tick off all of Esperance’s hottest attractions on your visit you’re going to need to head to Cape Le Grand National Park to explore.

During spring the park bursts into an array of vibrant colours as wildflowers bloom, making it one of the best times to head here and experience all the natural beauty. 

Plus, despite what the rest of the world may think, there aren’t too many places in Australia where you can find kangaroos sunbaking on the beach – but Lucky Bay has a colony of friendly roos you can often find out on the beach soaking it up for a quick photo op.

You can also find plenty of bushwalking trails through the park’s rugged coastal landscape, including the path up to Frenchman’s Peak and Mount Le Grand. 

To find out more, visit explore.australiasgoldenoutback.com

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