Perth’s Best Cheese Boards: Remember Sharing Is Caring

perths best cheese boards- the spaniard

Perth’s Best Cheese Boards: Remember Sharing Is Caring

The best cheese board venues in Perth.
perths best cheese boards- the spaniard

When cheese is life – only Perth’s best cheese boards will do.

There’s something kind of crazy about cheese that sends us into a frenzy – and we know it’s not just us. Whether it’s a pungent blue, a dreamy creamy soft or a punchy hard, there’s no stopping us in getting our hands on some of Perth’s best cheese board offerings.

How many have you tried on the list?

Mayfair Lane

Nestled amongst the tree-lined streets of West Perth, British gastropub and dining room, Mayfair Lane is bringing a strong game when it comes to cheeseboards.

Get three cheeses for $30.00 or five for $45.00 and you’ll find yourself dining on a divine selection that comes with homemade piccalilli, honeycomb, apple & raisin chutney, water biscuits and grilled crusty bread.

And make sure you have a tipple while you feast – the wines here really are so delicious.

Perth's Best Cheese Boards: Remember Sharing Is Caring
Source: @mayfairlanewa

The Reveley

Elizabeth Quay’s riverside dining venue The Reveley doesn’t just boast picturesque views, it also has a dining room menu that includes worldwide flavours and a passion for food.

There’s honestly no better way to spend a lazy afternoon, or watch the sun disappear for the day while feasting on a selection of Western Australian cheeses with kumquat compote and seeded lavosh.

Nab this board for $30.00 and make sure you savour both the bites and the beautiful setting.

King Somm

Bayswater’s King Somm is more than just a local neighbourhood bar – it’s a place you can guarantee an amazing meal at.

Not only do they have a stellar wine selection in their bottleshop, their food menu is just plain tasty.

tart your dining experience with an antipasto plate, or finish with a selection of cheeses and you’ll be in heaven. Cheeses include a gruyere, brie and manchego (prices ranging from $12.00-$14.00 per cheese) and come with local honey, caperberries and lavosh crispbread.

Talk about udderly delightful.

Perth's Best Cheese Boards: Remember Sharing Is Caring
Source: @king_somm

Le Rebelle

As one of Perth’s best French(ish) restaurants around, Le Rebelle has stepped up the plate with their fromage offering.

What’s particularly exciting is that they run their very own dairy program with milk and cream collected weekly from a single herd of Guernsey cows from Serpentine.

On the menu you’ll find house-made cheeses like a 6-week aged camembert, fresh Persian feta and fromage blanc. Plus local cheeses like Cambray Cheese’s black wood blue, and international offerings from the French Alps and Spain.

Order one cheese for $16.00, two for $28.00 or three for $36.00 and you’ll get them served with lavosh and accoutrements (and gluten-free options available too). And if you fall in love, you can also buy their camembert to take home and enjoy on your couch in your sweats.

Now that’s a win-win.

Perth's Best Cheese Boards: Remember Sharing Is Caring
Source: @lerebelleperth

The Shorehouse

Enjoy one of Perth’s best cheese boards with a view overlooking the magnificent ocean, The Shorehouse in Swanbourne is the kind of place we’d all like to stay a little bit longer when visiting.

Breathe in the salty air, enjoy the breeze and know that you’ll be a happy chappy with their cheese board.

Priced at $14.00 for one cheese, $22.00 for two, $29.00 for three, $34.00 for four or $40.00 for five, you’ll get some fierce fromage choices that are presented with macerated dried fruit, lavosh and fruit toast.


Perth's Best Cheese Boards: Remember Sharing Is Caring
Source: @theshorehouse

Shadow Wine Bar

A dark, intimate setting, cheese and wine? Yes, we have to be talking about Northbridge’s Shadow Wine Bar.

Stepping into the Alex Hotel’s restaurant is like being transported somewhere on holiday, and it’s way too easy to lose hours of your time while chatting away to your dining companions.

Their selection of cheese with lavosh and jam is priced at $27.00, and a very welcome way to treat yourself midday or finish a long lingering meal with.

Perth's Best Cheese Boards: Remember Sharing Is Caring
Source: @shadowwinebar


Not only is Madalenas Fremantle’s seafood mecca, but it also boasts some exciting cheese treats all from WA’s Great Southern area.

On the menu you’ll see St Johns Brook ewes milk 6 month manchego, Mount Folly cows milk white mold cheese or cows milk washed rind brie.

Their cheese plates are $14.00 for one, $26.00 for two or $38.00 for all three, and come with condiments sourced from Harvey and Manjimup.

Perth's Best Cheese Boards: Remember Sharing Is Caring


One of Perth’s best restaurants is obviously going to also serve up one of Perth’s best cheese boards.

West Leederville’s public house Besk is the kind of dining and drinking establishment people in Perth just can’t get enough of.

Free of pretension, full of fun and a local charm – it’s all a recipe for success. An excellent beverage list is all you’ll need to accompany their cheese offering.

A board comprised of Cambray Cheese: farmhouse gold, washed-rind brie, blackwood blue, lavosh and quince ($21.00).


Leederville’s premier tapas bar Pinchos is always pumping, and it’s no surprise with the calibre of food here – there’s truly something for everyone.

They have a whole section of the menu dedicated to Spanish cured meats and cheeses, the latter coming out with grilled bread, quince and fruit.

Priced at $10.90 each for 50g, get your mitts on their manchego (semi cured sheep’s cheese, aged 6 months), de cabra (goat’s cheese with paprika and honey) or azul la fueya asturiana (Spanish blue cheese).

Perth's Best Cheese Boards: Remember Sharing Is Caring
Source: @pinchosperth

Poole’s Temple

A late-night jazz bar located in Perth CBD’s State Buildings is just the place we’d like to spend our evenings at in the company of dairy delights.

Plush velvet chairs, oysters and a four cheese toastie that we can’t stop staring at on the menu. And of course, there’s Poole’s Temple’s aptly named ‘cheese and honey’ on the menu, it comes with cheese, spiced nuts, honeycomb and craquelins ($29.00).

The Standard

Not only does Northbridge’s The Standard have one of the best outdoor gardens to have a drink at, but it also has a cheese board that has won our heart.

Baked goat’s brie, burnt honey, oat wafer, eggplant chutney and pear ($18.00). My oh my, this is as great as it sounds guys.

Perth's Best Cheese Boards: Remember Sharing Is Caring
Source: @thestandardperth

The Flour Factory

Hands up who loves a grazing platter.

And Perth’s The Flour Factory has one of legendary status (priced at $50.00). With a gluten-free version available, their platter has a selection of local and imported cheeses and cured meats, served with pickles, preserves and house-made bread.

Skip the wine and go for a gin and tonic to accompany – after all, these guys are the experts for all things G&T and nail it each and every time.

The Spaniard

You might have walked past Perth’s tapas bar, The Spaniard and not even realised it exists, it’s so tucked away.

But this offering in Wolf Lane is actually a great little spot to drop in for a splash of wine and some cheese in a cosy little setting. For $26.00 you’ll get table de quesos; a weekly selection of the best Spanish cheeses chosen by the team. It’s a great way to try these imports while getting your fix of cheesy goodness.

Perth's Best Cheese Boards: Remember Sharing Is Caring
Source: @thespaniardtapasbar

The Royal

We’re totally crazy for Perth’s popular pub, The Royal and for good reason.

The menu is just plain wonderful, and we’re here for the graze option – it’s ideal to share but if you want it all to yourself we won’t judge either.

Get three locally sourced cheeses with lavosh, eggplant jam and honeycomb ($28.00), and make sure you snag a table on the balcony so you can watch the crowds passing through Yagan Square as you munch.

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