16 Terrible Christmas Movies on Netflix You Have To Watch

Netflix and merry with these 16 terrible Christmas movies you have to watch on Netflix this holiday season.

16 Terrible Christmas Movies on Netflix You Have To Watch

Netflix and merry with these 16 terrible Christmas movies you have to watch on Netflix this holiday season.
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Netflix and merry with these terrible Christmas movies this holiday season.

Netflix Christmas Movies – If it’s cheesy and just plain terrible Christmas movies you crave this holiday season then boy do we have the list for you to Netflix and be merry.

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While there are many Christmas movie classic we will never get tired of; Die Hard (yes we are calling Die Hard a Christmas movie), Home Alone (1 and 2), The Family Man, Love Actually, Arthur Christmas, Elf, The Grinch, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and so many more. Sometimes you just want to see what else is out there and try a new Christmas movie…

If you are looking for a new Christmas movie or two then we have a list of 16 Netflix Christmas movies that are sure-fire ‘winners’ with such unbelievable storylines and twists you won’t know what to expect or that they are even real.

Guide to the worst Netflix Christmas movies in no particular order:

12 Dates of Christmas

Kate is a young woman who re-lives the same first date on Christmas Eve over and over again. In an attempt to win back her ex-boyfriend on Christmas Eve, Kate ends up ruining her blind date with Miles, a handsome guy she’s been set up with. In a strange twist of fate, Kate is given the chance to re-live Christmas Eve twelve times!

Watch Now: 12 Dates of Christmas

Merry Kissmas

Kayla’s engaged to a famous choreographer but is having some doubts, and discontent turns to confusion when she shares a magical kiss with a stranger.

Watch Now: Merry Kissmas

The Holiday Calendar

A struggling but talented photographer inherits an antique holiday advent calendar, the contents of which seem to predict the future. Will this magical calendar lead her to love this holiday season?

Watch Now: The Holiday Calendar

A Christmas Prince

A young journalist travels abroad to cover a royal family, and finds herself in a real-life fairytale.

Watch Now: A Christmas Prince

Dear Santa

Finding a letter mailed to Santa by a girl asking for a new wife for her daddy, twentysomething Crystal sets out to make the girl’s wishes come true.

Watch Now: Dear Santa

Christmas With A View

Thunder Mountain Ski Resort is abuzz when celebrity chef Shane Roarke is named the new head chef. Clara Garrison isn’t as excited and is instead focused on getting resettled after her failed attempt at opening a restaurant in the city. With their paths constantly crossing, will their shared passion for cooking bring them together or will secrets keep them apart?

Watch Now: Christmas With A View

48 Christmas Wishes

When a small town’s letters to Santa accidentally go up in smoke, two elves venture out of the North Pole to retrieve every missing wish.

Watch Now: 48 Christmas Wishes

You Can’t Fight Christmas


After stepping in to revitalise his family’s hotel, a money-minded businessman clashes with the hotel’s cheery, Christmas-loving decorator.

Watch Now: You Can’t Fight Christmas

How Sarah Got Her Wings

When a Good Samaritan dies in a pre-Christmas accident, a celestial hitch sends her back to earth as an angel in training to make something right.

Watch Now: How Sarag Got Her Wings

Christmas Inheritance

To inherit her father’s company, socialite Ellen must first visit her small hometown, where she learns the value of hard work and helping others.

Watch Now: Christmas Inheritance

Holiday Engagement

Hilary’s plan to hire a good-looking guy to act as her boyfriend backfires when she brings him home for the holidays to try and fool her family.

Watch Now: Holiday Engagement

Angels In The Snow

The dysfunctional Montgomery family go to their cabin for Christmas where a blizzard traps them inside. When the Tucker family arrives needing shelter, they are welcomed inside and remind the Montgomery family how to love each other.

Watch Now: Angels In The Snow

A Dogwalker’s Christmas Tale

Spoiled 21-year-old Luce Lockhart faces a tough decision when a handsome new friend asks her to help protect a dog park from her wealthy employer.

Watch Now: A Dogwalker’s Christmas Tale

Once Upon A Holiday

A princess runs away from her royal duties during a Christmas visit to a big city and meets a nice guy who shows her the joys of living a normal life.

Watch Now: Once Upon A Holiday

The Spirit of Christmas

As Christmas approaches, attorney Kate Jordan travels to Vermont to oversee the sale of an inn, where she falls for a handsome but cursed ghost.

Watch Now: The Spirit of Christmas

A Wish For Christmas

After Sara’s boss steals her bright idea, she asks Santa for the courage to stand up for herself. But can 48 hours of magic make a lasting difference?

Watch Now: A Wish For Christmas

Christmas Drinking Game?

To make things more interesting how about a Christmas drinking game?

We hope you enjoy these Netflix Christmas movies hits and who knows one might become your new favourite.

If none of these takes your fancy then at least here’s the full National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation movie in GIF form.

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Merry Christmas!

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