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Victoria COVID-19 Update: 450 New COVID Cases & 11 Additional Deaths

Premier Daniel Andrews latest Victoria COVID-19 update confirmed another massive day of 450 cases in Victoria.
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The new figures bring the national death toll to 266.

Premier Daniel Andrews latest Victoria COVID-19 update confirmed another massive day of 450 cases in Victoria.

That’s the sixth day in a row that we’ve seen an increase of 400 new cases or more from the State.

Of the 11 people who died, seven were linked to aged care.

The youngest person to have died today was a woman in her 50s. Two men in their 70’s and two women in their 90’s are also among the dead, along with six people in their 80’s.

Police issued almost 200 fines in just 24 hours on those who had breached COVID restrictions, 51 of whom were not wearing a mask and 43 of whom breached the curfew in place between 8pm and 5am.

More hospitalisations and cases from unknown sources

Mr Andrews confirmed more than 600 Victorians were in hospital, with 41 in intensive care.

Of the 450 new cases today, 66 were from unknown sources.

“That number is lower than it has been in recent days,” Mr Andrews said.

“We’re obviously pleased about that but it is still far too many of those mystery community transmission cases that we can’t find the source or the circumstance behind that infection. I


In total, there are almost 2,500 cases with unknown origins and 7,637 active cases all up in Victoria.

More than 1,500 confirmed cases have been healthcare workers, with 139 healthcare workers testing positive in the last 24 hours alone.

There are 911 healthcare workers who are currently active cases.

Chief health officer Brett Sutton said the rise in healthcare staff diagnosed was “concerning”.

ADF ramp up activity

The Defence Force has now doorknocked more than 5,000 Victorians since July 22.

Mr Andrews said yesterday there were 60 joint teams.

 “They conducted 1,150 visits,” he said.

“That’s the biggest single-day effort since the program began and that number will only increase as we move beyond simply doorknocking.”

The doorknocking started with people the State Government and health authorities couldn’t get in contact with who were positive and then moved to all positive cases being door-knocked.

Mr Andrews said it would progress to “all close contacts being doorknocked as well”.

“That’ll be random,” he said.

“That’ll be repeat doorknocks. That is all about making sure people are doing the right thing and that we can provide support and assistance to anybody who needs that.”

Victorian Year 12 exams to be individually assessed

With Year 12’s in Victoria coming closer to their end of year exams, the State’s Education Minister James Merlino said there would be special measures put in place.

“Student will be individually assessed and any adverse impacts from Covid-19 will be reflected in their ATAR ranking,” he said.

“This is quite an extraordinary change, every single student will be individually assessed.

“We’ll look at things such as school closures, we’ll look at things such as long absences, we’ll look at things, for example, such as significant increase in family responsibilities as a result of COVID-19 and we’ll of course consider the mental health and wellbeing of students during this period.”

About 500 people referred to police

Mr Andrews confirmed police were investigating 500 people for not being home when they were doorknocked.

“I’m saying 500 people have been referred to Victoria police, I’m not making judgements about whether they were doing the right or wrong thing, other than to say they weren’t there when we doorknocked them,” he said.

“The Victorian police will determine whether they’ve done the right or wrong thing.”

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