Thanks to Book Week

If you’ve ever written a book, thought about writing a book or had to come up with a Book Week idea, you’ll enjoy the latest cute Australian comedy, Book Week.

Book Week focuses on Nicholas Cutler (Alan Dukes) an author who has yet to back up the success of his first novel. Instead of being fated by fans he finds himself teaching high school students who have no idea about his success, nor how hard it was to achieve. The lack of respect doesn’t end with his students. Almost everyone he meets seems to have a problem with him. His is, quiet simply, incredibly bitter and self absorbed.

Having given up on his dreams he seems hell bent on destroying any possibility of happiness. To make matters worse one of this students is showing great promise as a writer. The more she succeeds the greater his resentment grows.

When a surprise opportunity presents itself all he has to do is stay out of trouble for a few days. A few days between him, a book deal, and being able to resign. Easy right?

The story follows Cutler, Mr C as his students call him, as he attempts to stay out of trouble. He’s “helped” along the way by his agent Blake Woodriff (Rhys Muldoon), ex-wife Nadine (Pippa Grandison), the headmaster (Tiriel Mora), local police officer Hurley (Jolene Anderson), who just happens to be a disgruntled ex-student and Tyrell (Thuso Lekwape) a troubled student he’s mentoring, well trying to.

It’s always nice to see a film made in Australia, this time shot in Katoomba. Mr C is definitely hard to like, however there are moments when the audience glimpses his compassion, but sadly these are all too fleeting.

Book Week is good for a Sunday afternoon giggle.

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Glennys Marsdon
Most kids grow out of asking ‘but why’, Glennys didn’t. So she trained as a psychologist and established The Customers’ Voice, consumer psychology consultancy in 2000, where she researches why we do what we do. After losing her partner in 2005 she understood the importance of making the most out of life, and began The Ponder Room blog, to help people do just that. By ‘having a go’ she now has a monthly column in a magazine, three non-fiction books published, been nominated for a Telstra Business Women’s Award, and profiled by US internet guru Seth Godin in a worldwide competition about people making a difference. She firmly believes in living a positive life and following your passion.