Rottnest Swim Suspended Mid Race, Massive Shark Spotted

Rottnest Swim Suspended Mid Race, Massive Shark Spotted

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Updated Story: New Race Record for Solomon Wright, Boat Nearly Sinks, Shark Forces Abandonment in Rotto Swim.

Rottnest Swim : At least part of the annual Rottnest Channel Swim race has been abandoned mid-race.

Competitors were being pulled from the water around the 12km mark, after a huge shark was spotted lurking near teams.

“Swimmers being pulled out the water at the 12km mark on the way to Rottnest due to a shark. Shark believed to be 3-4m,” 6PR reporter Lisa Barnes said.

Surf Life Saving WA warned people to get out of the water off Rottnest in a Tweet at 10.30am.

“Cont – shark sighted 12km offshore , shark sighted at co ords of 31 59.750s/115 37.050e 12 KM mark offshore. In the swim pack, Perth Rottnest Swim.”

Swimmers and kayakers in the Rottnest Channel Swim (Credit: Mile High Images)

It wasn’t the only drama of the day – a small vessel was seen taking on water, lopsided in the swells.

The support vessel used for the Rottnest Channel Swim had to be towed back to Fremantle shortly after this photo was taken.

The crew and swimmers on board were not injured.

Tracey Lewis : Sinking boat spotted during the Rottnest Channel Swim this morning – Source

Dozens of swimmers had made it to Rottnest before organisers called the back part of the race off.

The winner of the 2018 Rottnest Channel Swim was declared earlier this morning.

20-year-old Solomon Wright from Bicton took out the race in a record time.

He finished the race at 9.40am, with a time of 3:59:28, beating the record set by Mark Saliba in 2000 of 4:00:15.

Video: Solomon Wright wins 2018 Rottnest Swim

“I didn’t think I’d do that (break the record),” he told awaiting media at Rotto.

“I’m happy with the win, the record is just the cherry on top. It’s a dream”.

Rottnest Swim 2018 Credit: perrywinklephotography

Video : 2018 Rottnest Channel Swim

Olympic swimmer Heidi Gan became the first solo woman to cross the finish line, at 4:21:55, 5th overall.

Rottnest Swim Cancelled. Competitors Wait to start at dawn on Cottesloe Beach.

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