The Best Winter School Holiday Activities in Mandurah

The July school holidays are almost here, and what better place to enjoy some winter fun than the beachside town of Mandurah.

The Best Winter School Holiday Activities in Mandurah

The July school holidays are almost here, and what better place to enjoy some winter fun than the beachside town of Mandurah.
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While Mandurah is well and truly buzzing during summer, winter is also a fabulous time to visit. Especially during the school holidays! From wildlife encounters and nature experiences to indoor fun, there are family-friendly activities aplenty.

Located less than an hour from Perth, Mandurah is set against a backdrop of magnificent beaches and an estuary twice the size of the Sydney Harbour. Originally known as Mandjoogoordap, Mandurah means “meeting place of the heart” and it’s easy to see why it was crowned Australia’s Top Tourism Town in 2023.

Family-friendly activities

Mandurah is home to a variety of activities specifically tailored to families during the winter school holidays. Here’s a list of everything you should add to your Mandurah bucket list.

Accessible nature experiences

Mandurah bike riding
Credit: Tourism Western Australia

The mild winter weather means it’s super comfortable for families to get outdoors and enjoy adventures in nature. Kids can explore the coastal trails, parks, and playgrounds without the discomfort of summer heat. The cooler temperatures also pair perfectly with family hikes, picnics, and bike rides. And there’s just about nothing we love more!

Wildlife encounters

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Mandurah is home to rich biodiversity and one of Australia’s largest and healthiest dolphin populations. Not to mention more than 130 different species of native and migratory birds.

Naturally, winter is the prime time for both birdwatching and spotting dolphins. WA’s largest regional city has also welcomed seven baby dolphins so far this year. And there are still a few female dolphins expecting over the coming months. There really is no better opportunity for little ones to learn about and observe wildlife in their natural habitats, while creating memorable experiences.

Indoor fun

If you’d prefer the comfort and warmth of staying indoors, Mandurah boasts several indoor attractions that are a must for winter visits. Pencil down these ideas for days when the weather may not be ideal for outdoor activities.

Mandurah Indoor Rock Climbing Centre

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Whether you’re new to climbing and would like to learn the basics, keen to meet new people or looking to brush up on some skills while improving your fitness and strength, Mandurah Indoor Rock Climbing offers a range of classes for all ages and abilities. These include Junior Climb (12 to 17 years), Ninja Training (7 to 13 years), ABC Climb (5 to 11 years), Aerial Art (8 years and above), and Adult Courses.

Escape Squad

If an escape room experience is more your thing, Escape Squad provides everyone from first-time escapees to full-blown enthusiasts with an immersive experience. School’s Out is the easy room, designed for first-time escapees and families. But if you’re seasoned in the art, you can always try to set a record time.

Two Muddy Men Family Pottery Workshops 

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There are many ways to dive into the world of mud, a family pottery workshop with Two Muddy Men is just one of them. As part of their July 2024 School Holiday Program, you can play with clay to create an epic, sculptural Magical Lamp.

Mandurah’s Winter Maze

Mandurah’s Winter Maze is the ultimate school holiday activity, perfect for families and friends. You’ll navigate through vibrant paths, twists and turns while enjoying the thrill of finding your way out. The free event is located at the Eastern Foreshore (near Kwillena Gabi Pool).

Outdoor activities

If you’re keen to get outside, bear the cold, and enjoy the winter wonderland that is Mandurah, there’s plenty to do.

The Pirate Ship Mandurah

Pirate Ship Mandurah
Credit: Pirate Ship Mandurah

Aye, aye captain, this is your chance to get up close and personal with a real-life pirate! Come dressed as Blackbeard or Jack Sparrow and buckle up for a 45-minute Pirate Ship cruise through Mandurah’s internationally recognised inland waterways and canals. The little ones can steer the wheel, ring the bell, or simply sit back and enjoy the scenery. Just beware of the water cannons!

Giants of Mandurah

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Mandurah is the gateway to the Giants of Mandurah adventure, so pick up your map and collect the clues to each location. The Giants have recently enjoyed some tender loving care and were pampered with a moisturising linseed oil treatment. So, they’re looking fresher and cooler than ever! Winter is such a great time to hit the trails and track down these up to five-metre-high sculptures. Don’t forget to admire the natural beauty along the way.

The Bike Kiosk

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One of the best ways to explore Mandurah is by e-scooter or e-bike. Situated next to the Mandurah Visitor Centre, The Bike Kiosk offers an extensive range of e-rideables to suit all tastes, preferences, and experience levels. It’s a fantastic way to explore the Eastern Foreshore, Dolphin Quay, and Marina, or the Western Foreshore with the Koolaanga Waabiny Playground.

Amaze Miniature Park

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At Amaze Miniature Park, you can explore four acres of beautifully manicured gardens with more than 70 miniature replicas of well-known historic buildings, a 1000 square metre hedge maze, model trains, Lego displays, mini golf, a playground, and pedal cars all included. It’s not only a thrilling day out for the kids but a great place to enjoy a picnic or coffee and cake from the 1940s tea house.

Peel Produce Market

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For your fresh local produce needs, artisanal products, and children’s activities, check out the Peel Produce Market. The market takes place every Saturday from 8:00 am until noon at Dawesville Foreshore, and the first Sunday of every month at Madora Bay.

Mandurah Boat Hire

Credit: Mandurah Boat Hire

Explore Mandurah’s vast waterways at your own pace with Mandurah Boat Hire. Whether you’re keen to check out the local wildlife, go for a spin to Boundary Island, or try your luck with a line and bait, there are a range of options for groups of up to 12 people. A day on the water is guaranteed to be a great family adventure. And the best part? You don’t even need a skipper’s ticket!

Dolphin Cruises

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Drift with dolphins on a one-hour Mandurah Cruises Dolphin Cruise & Views tour. Aboard the scenic voyage, you’ll explore incredible waterways, where around 90 wild dolphins reside and visit — the largest population in WA! Keep an eye out for the seven baby dolphins that have been born in 2024 so far.

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Alternatively, there’s the Giant & Dolphin Sightseeing Cruise, where you’ll journey into vast waterways, guided by a resident marine biologist. You’ll discover one of the most famous Giants of Mandurah — Seba’s Song — which is located on the water’s edge and visible in full only by boat. You’ll also spot dolphins and birdlife along the way.

Nature Play WA

For some outdoor exploration in nature, download the City of Mandurah Nature Play Passport. The activity booklet includes a variety of nature-based activities and challenges, designed to engage children with their surroundings and foster a love for the outdoors.

Holiday accommodation deals

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Winter often brings better deals on accommodation compared to the peak summer season. This means families like yours can find more affordable rates on hotels, holiday parks, and vacation rentals, making it easier to plan an extended stay without breaking the budget.

Take advantage of C Mandurah Apartments’ Giant Winter Deal! Enjoy exclusive rates on select accommodations for direct bookings in June and July, with a minimum stay requirement.

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